HP Photosmart Printers 2011

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HP Photosmart Printers 2011

HP Photosmart Printers 2011

If you need a printing device that can produce the best photos, you can rely on the choices that are available in HP Photosmart Printers 2011. Though, basically, a printer is needed for printing documents, graphics and images, it would be an additional to have one that could function as a photo printer. Pictures are important mementos so for them to last for several years to come, to be seen by the following generations, they need to be come out in the finest quality. In this regard, a reliable and efficient printer is needed.

HP Photosmart Printers 2011 consists of devices that not only let you print pictures with exceptional quality that is long lasting, they give you several options on printing them. You can, likewise, produce photos in different sizes or add some borders or clip art to make them unique. These features make your treasured memories more special to remember.

1. HP Photosmart A646

HP Photosmart A646 is a small printer that can fit into any space with its size of 9.9 “ W x 5.3 “ D and weight of 2.4 lbs. It has a resolution of 4800 x 1200 which is good enough. It comes with a 3.5” touch screen display that lets you navigate through pictures and select the ones that you want to print. You may, also, edit them without the help of a computer.

What makes this printer stand out from others of this type is its capability to print not only in different sizes but also, directly, from different sources. Instead of the usual 4” x 6” photos, it can print in sizes 5” x 7” and 4” x 12”, in panoramic mode. Even without the use of a PC, you can print straight from a memory stick, with SD or XD Picture memory card slots.

HP Photosmart A646 can print unique photos because of its ability to edit pictures to bring out the best in them. It has over 300 options to make adjustments, add borders, frames or clip-art. You can, likewise, make personal greeting cards with the help of its touchscreen. This device is suitable for those who like to get creative with their photos.

With this model, HP helps in saving the environment with its 10% less energy and its make of 32% recycled plastic.

2. HP Photosmart Pro B8850

HP Photosmart Pro B8850 is a perfect choice for those who want to print high quality photos in various sizes. Besides printing pictures in mono or color with typical sizes of 4” x 6” or 5” x 7”, it can print large photos of up to 13” x 44” for banners, welcome home signs or other similar assignments.

This printer is ideal for professional photographers or businesses related to photo printing. Yet, it can be for those who want to come up with large pictures that they would like to display in frames or give to relatives and friends. You don’t need to hire a professional and spend a lot to come up with pictures you like. You can do them, on your own, with this printer.

HP provides all the necessary tools so you can, easily, set-up and operate this printer. It makes use of 8 individual ink cartridges that give you a wide range of printing options. These are, relatively, larger than those of other printers, so, it will take time before you could replace them. The ink being used is highly pigmented, that makes it reliable in printing on thicker media like stock cards or on different surfaces like glossy paper.

3. HP Photosmart C4580

HP Photosmart C4580 is an affordable all-in-one printer that lets you print, copy and scan. It is small so it is ideal for home use or a small business. It comes with a 38 mm LCD display that lets you check out the menu for simple tasks. It has USB and WiFi connectivity.

This printer has a fast print and copy speed of 30 pages per minute for mono and 23 pages per minute for color. It comes with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that makes you scan from the PC or printer’s control panel and choose the networked computer that you could send the scanned document.

HP Photosmart C4580 is wireless, making it convenient to use in any part of your house or office. Its networking capabilities make printer sharing possible among several computers within the system.

Summary of HP Photosmart Printers 2011

HP Photosmart A646, HP Photosmart Pro B8850 and HP Photosmart C4580 are HP Photosmart Printers 2011 choices, that let you print professional looking pictures, on your own. They are versatile with their capabilities of printing straight from sources and in different sizes. With extra features like making personal greeting cards and adding clipart to photos, it will be worthwhile to invest in any of these printers.

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