HP Printer Best Buy Deal

by Sarah
(Buffalo, New York)

HP Printer Best Buy Deal

HP Printer Best Buy Deal

The HP Office Jet H470 Mobile Printer is an HP printer- best buy deal I got from Amazon for only $140. It used to sell at $304 and I've been thinking of buying one even before the price went down. However, there were a lot of positive reviews and negative reviews, I sort of checked myself against buying it.

But then my daughter really needed one she could bring to her dorm and I checked it out once more and was really surprised by the great deal. The huge slash-down in price made me more wary, but some of the recent reviews said most negative feedbacks about it were just results of not following the HP manual.

My daughter finally convinced me that it is a great printer and we would be foolhardy to pass up the chance just because some people didn't know how to use the manual. I'm glad that she did because she has been using it and tells me that it's been abused lately and still holding up well. Now, that sure made me glad because I was initially afraid that the $140 was money down the drain.

Actually, Ginny, my daughter made a thorough study of the HP Office Jet H470 Mobile Printer before she left for the dorm and it seems you have to make sure about the model you buy because it came in three versions. One was powered by rechargeable batteries, the other was operational via WIFI connectivity and the third was Bluetooth capable. What we have is the Bluetooth version as it was my daughter's choice. Ginny in fact was quite pleased that she got the printer working as soon as the adapters were installed.

The prints were great if you're not one who's looking for the same standards as you would in a fully equipped full size printer. Nonetheless you wouldn't say that the prints were not as good. In fact I'm amazed that for a small and portable printer, you can have choices that can be found in those full-size printers selling at a higher price.

Indeed, I agree with my daughter that this is an HP printer- best buy deal we would have been foolhardy to pass-up.

The only quirks I can see is that it's made of some flimsy material which I suspect is a product of HP's recycling contributions to the environment. That's fine with me and my daughter is quite aware of its vulnerability, which is particularly noticeable in the loading trays.

Another issue is that we found out that the ink cartridges that came along with it was for general use, which meant print quality can be affected. So if you're looking for superb prints, you're supposed to buy a special cartridge for the HP Office Jet H470 Mobile Printer.

Well Ginny says it's really no big deal since text prints are quite okay using the general purpose cartridges and if she had some photos to print, it can wait until she gets home and use the home office printer instead.

These are minor issues really but I just wanted to point out that even if it's not a the best printer around, it's an HP printer Best Buy deal so far because it truly serves its purpose.

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