HP Printer Trouble
Dealing with and Troubleshooting HP Printers

HP Printer Trouble can be quite a hassle, especially if you use your printer and need it for your daily tasks. Problems with your printer, especially in office settings, can decrease your organization’s productivity and waste a lot of time and effort. So if you are having problems with your HP printer, you should know where to get help.

HP has a competitive support system that offers support and service for their customers in times of HP printer trouble. Support forums for consumers and business users are offered at the HP website, and replacements parts are offered in case you are dealing with hardware trouble.

However, the best way to prevent the disadvantages brought by HP printer trouble is to choose the right HP printer, one that won’t give you many problems and is built to sustain your robust printing needs without breaking down. Here are some of the HP printers you can really rely on.

Avoiding HP Printer Trouble: HP’s Most Reliable

HP's most reliable printers are:

  • HP Photosmart’s Most Durable
  • HP DeskJet’s Secret to Success
  • Seamless Productivity with HP OfficeJet

1. HP Photosmart’s Most Durable

If what you need is a printer that can handle all your document printing with ease and at the same time offer excellent quality printing of photos, you are looking for the HP Photosmart series. The HP Photosmart line is HP’s photo printing equipments; they are designed to produce vibrant photos that can last for up to 200 years. These printers use special pigment-based HP Vivera ink to achieve accurate colors and professional-grade photos.

Some models, such as the durable HP Photosmart Pro B9180, can print up to B+ sizes. The model is also equipped with a special densitometric closed loop color calibration that maintains the consistency and accuracy of print colors even as you use the printer for a long time. Its streamlined printing process is designed to bust any prospective HP printer trouble.

hp printer trouble2. HP DeskJet’s Secret to Success

HP’s DeskJet series is a quite popular home printer series, catering to the printing needs of many home users. These printers are known to be ultra reliable that home users use them for a long time without encountering printer trouble. DeskJet printers range from the simplest, most basic models to the most remarkable inkjet printers in the market. Most, however, offer a combination of photo-quality printing with economical inkjet-based printing.  

One of the best and most reliable, not to mention extremely useful, DeskJet offer is the HP DeskJet 5550. Achieving up to 4800x1200 dpi resolution, it can achieve realistic and vibrant prints at speeds of 17 ppm black and 12 ppm color. It comes with a convenient cancel button so you can cancel print jobs easily without causing HP printer trouble, which is quite commonly triggered by sudden cancelling of print jobs. The printer offers Parallel and USB connections, but you can also avail of optional networking features.

3. Seamless Productivity with HP OfficeJet

Enjoy continuous productivity with your HP OfficeJet printer. Printers in HP’s OfficeJet series are specifically structured for use in offices, and as such, they are made to face heavy print jobs head on. OfficeJet printers print using four individual dedicated inks that offer precise print quality and lower energy consumption. And packed with a little extra durability, HP OfficeJet printers will not give you HP printer trouble even if you and your team keep piling up print jobs, especially since most of the printers are equipped with Ethernet and wireless networking for office sharing.

If you need an OfficeJet printer, check out the wireless 6500 model, which can print at a max of 32 ppm black and 31 ppm color, and can print, copy, and fax unattended with its automatic document feeder. This Energy Star product does all these with less power. It also offers double-sided printing, built-in memory card readers, and 100-page memory for its fax machine, along with several other special features designed to meet high-volume use and boost your office productivity.

Troubleshooting HP Printer Trouble

Despite the solid construction of HP printers, it is unavoidable that these products will sometimes break down, since they are, after all, still machines. In case you encounter problems with your HP, don’t fret – you can troubleshoot the problem to find the best way to respond to it.

HP offers general printer troubleshooting advice on its website. HP printers are made with self-diagnosis features such as the printer’s self-test and test print feature, which will tell you whether the printer is encountering problems. If the printer fails either of the two, then you have a problem. First check the cable connections for loose or worn out cables. If everything is okay, and the problem is still there, contact your distributor or manufacturer.

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