HP Printers 3100 Series

by Jayvee

HP Printers 3100 Series

HP Printers 3100 Series

I recently learned that when researching for printers, a reference to the HP printer series, like the HP printers 3100 series, means there are other models of this type with additional features but they carry a different product number. This is what happened to me when I bought an HP 3100 printer.

I placed an order for an HP printer 3100 since this was recommended to me by a colleague as a great business tool. It was supposed to have those features where the fax and scan machines can be programmed to fax automatically from memory. This saves a lot of time of course since I don't have to wait for the scanning or fax messaging tasks to finish and stand by and wait just to launch a new one.

I was disappointed when I received the unit because what I had was a standard printer that prints, scan and send fax messages in the most basic function. Naturally, I had to call tech support asking them how I can make the machine perform the functions that my colleague recommended as the latest innovations in business printing. He said I needed to install the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and I felt betrayed that HP forgot to include it in the box.

The tech support on the other line was smart enough to ask me the product number of my HP printers 3100 and it was C3948A. Hence, it turned out that by having ordered a product belonging to the series, I had mistakenly ordered the standard unit. Under the HP printers 3100 series, there are two more models I could choose from. One of which included more high-tech options using Streetwise software by Design Office Limited with product number C4175A. Another had similar high-tech scanning features which included scanning originals from business cards into legal size documents; the product number for this one is C4177A.

Since I already have an existing all-in-one printer and by having another one that performs the same basic functions. Tech support was accommodating enough to help in arranging to have my order replaced with the more updated version. I'm posting this information for the benefit of those who are not as savvy as I am when it comes to choosing these types of products online.

It is quite different when buying from a physical store where you could inspect the product. In my case, I merely relied on the information provided by my colleague without total awareness about HP printers 3100 series.

Nevertheless, whether standard or with the OCR software, HP printers 3100 series is indeed a fast and professional office machine. I've had the pleasure of using both. They don't require warm-up time and for me that's another useful business feature. It only takes 6 seconds to fax messages and I can program it to send the next message without having to wait in attendance. Printed documents remain consistently clear and crisp no matter what medium used. I highly recommend whatever HP 3100 series you will choose from this selection, as long as you check which of the printers suits your purpose.

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