HP Professional Photo Printer

by Garth Arnolds- Professional Photographer
(Cranston, Rhode Islands)

HP Professional Photo Printer - Photosmart ProB8850

HP Professional Photo Printer - Photosmart ProB8850

Let me share with you how a food photographer like me found a printer as smart as my HP Photosmart ProB8850 very useful in my kind of business. In my food photography business having a smart printer is the only way to impress my clients. Although I normally carry around a laptop and show clients my presentations, most of them prefer to have the images the old fashioned way. I carry around a portfolio filled with mouth-watering photographs of food presentations. I also keep my portfolio contents diverse so that my potential clients can see how good I am in my presentation of their food.

I may be a good photographer but if the printer will not do justice in printing the images, I am doomed. So when my old HP Photosmart started showing signs of distress, I wanted to make sure that I will be buying a printer that will enhance my business, so I bought the HP Photosmart ProB8850 even if it was a bit pricey. It truly is a professional photo printer it saves me a lot of time and effort of going to a photo lab just to have professional looking photographs.

Friends at the photo lab tell me that the clear lines and realistic hues are from HPs Vivera inks because they are high quality inks that provide the printer a very wide range of colors. My efforts as a photographer in ensuring the lighting details make the images stand out looking good enough to eat.

The added benefit from those high end inks is that the photos are very durable. They can even be archived and still look good after keeping them stored for a very long time. I even reprinted photos from my earlier works and up to now they still look the same as they were before, even better.

The greatest feature about it I think is that after printing, the photos can easily be handled without fear of damaging them or smudging the ink around. The ink is water resistant and will withstand humid conditions without affecting the quality of the photos.

As far the HP Photosmart Pro B8850 performance itself is concerned, here are the advantages of using it:

1. With HP Photosmart ProB8850 there is very little calibration on the color accuracy needed. The default setting will automatically adjust the printing settings to make each print as accurate as possible. Based on my experience this is the most consistent printer I have ever had. If the prints come out good the first time, then the next prints will be no less accurate and sharp than the first successful print.

2. The HP Photosmart Pro B8850 is that it automatically syncs with my Photoshop CS2. This is my favorite feature because I only need to manage it on the same software I optimize my photos with. Now I can print the photos as soon as I finish optimizing them.

3. The printing speed is really fast. It prints 4R photos in just 10 seconds without sacrificing accuracy and quality.

4. The HP Photosmart ProB8850 lets me print copies without fear of easily running out of ink.I am really glad about the ink capacity and the good thing about the cartridges is that each color has a separate cartridge. So when one runs out I do not have to replace everything; just the cartridge that ran out.

5. My HP Photosmart Pro B8850 will never have clogged up nozzles because it has the Electrostatic Drop Detection technology. It runs this automatically and is very efficient as it would only clean the individual nozzles that require cleaning.

Some disadvantages but not major issues, in fact I do not think there is ever a printer on Earth that you can truly rate as zero when it comes to cons.

1. The HP Photosmart ProB8850 does not like cheap paper. If you will insist, paper feeding becomes tricky and will cause it to jam. Since I needed the cheap prints just for try outs and the HP Photosmart ProB8850 performance has been consistent I did not have to do the time consuming tests anymore.

2. Intrusive error messages on the interface of the HP Photosmart ProB8850 software although not really bothersome because I can still proceed with ease.

Now if you had a printer as smart as HP Photosmart ProB8850, you do not have to waste time in going to small details just to ensure the photo outputs will come out exactly the way you visualized them to be when you took those settings in its lighting and angles. This is exactly the printer I can call a wise investment because I am able to get clients with the way this HP Photosmart ProB8850 produces the photos my clients are looking for.

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