HP PSC 1510

by Crawford
(Denia, Spain)

An inexpensive printer to buy, but a very expensive one to run as the small capacity cartridges constantly need changing and seem to be one of the most expensive on the shelves.

Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 has caused problems. The software reports problems with Adobe Flash Player. Presumably it is looking for an earlier version. There are many accounts of this problem on the internet, but no satisfactory solutions and certainly none from HP themselves.

I bought this printer to replace an all-in-one Brother printer that reported an error with a specific number, again to which there were many accounts of on the internet, but, like the HP problem, there was no reported solution.

Again, I shall dump this printer, which I hate doing as it seems such a waste of resources. I will be looking for a printer with larger ink cartridges, three separate colour cartridges and cartridges which are also available from other sources other than the original manufacturer.

Just in case it is not clear from the above (do not buy this printer)

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