IBM Infoprint Printers 2011

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IBM Infoprint Printers 2011

IBM Infoprint Printers 2011

To boost business productivity, you need reliable equipment and IBM Infoprint Printers 2011 can help you in this regard. With any of the devices included here, you can be able to do your printing requirements, fast and efficiently. These are different models of mono laser printers, either with a single function or multifunctional. They come with good paper handling and networking capabilities.

IBM Infoprint Printers 2011 and its supplies are created with IBM’s highest standards. These devices produce outstanding results based on a mixture of their best attributes: good printer memory, fast speed and high resolution, to name a few.

1. IBM InfoPrint 1332 Printer

IBM InfoPrint 1332 Printer makes use of laser technology in producing monochrome prints. It is ideal for those who have light to heavy printing requirements. Its 300HZ processor enables it to print letter size documents at a 35 page per minute speed. It has a standard memory of 32MB with an option to upgrade to 288MB RAM , to add more storage space.

To come up with sharp legible text, this printer works with a combination of a high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and an Image Enhancement Technology 1200 IQ.

IBM InfoPrint 1332 Printer has good paper handling, having an input capacity tray of 250 sheets and an extra tray that can hold 100 sheets, totaling 350 sheets. This lessens the need of constant reloading. It has a monthly duty cycle of 175,000 impressions making this suitable for high volume printing needs.

This printer can handle different sizes of media forms such as letter, legal, folio, statement, A4, A5 and A6. Likewise, it can print on different media forms like plain paper, cards, transparencies, labels and envelopes (monarch, com-10, US no. 9, international B5, C5, DL). It has an option to do duplex printing and to work as an all-in-one printer so that it can, also, fax, copy and scan.

Its cool packaging comes in a size of 16.6 “ width x 19.6” thickness x 13.6” height and a weight of about 38 lbs.

2. IBM InfoPrint 1552 Printer

IBM InfoPrint 1552 Printer is a hard working printer that is capable of doing several types of print jobs. It is reasonably priced considering its speed of printing and performance. So, this device is ideal for businesses that require efficiency yet are strictly on a budget.

It prints at a rate of 45 pages per minute which results to greater productivity. It consists of paper trays that can hold a total of 4,100 sheets that is suitable for large print jobs. This transforms to continuous printing, minimizing the need for watching over the printer. This way, other office jobs can be attended to, while printing. Furthermore, it makes use of high capacity cartridges that last through several print jobs, making it less costly, in the long run.

Another thing to like about this printer is its ease of set-up and use plus its compatibility with several operating systems, old and new.

3. IBM InfoPrint 1372 Printer

IBM InfoPrint 1372 Printer is a multifunctional mono printer that works as a printer, copier, network scanner and a fax machine. It is a space saver, allowing you to have 4 machines in one compact device. It, likewise, saves on costs since there is only one device to maintain.

It is convenient to use since it has USB and Parallel connectivity and is compatible with PC’s and Mac operating systems.

It has a memory of 64 MB and has the option to increase up to 320 MB for optimal performance. It can print up to 45 pages per minute, working on a 500 MHz processor and has a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. It has a monthly duty cycle of 225,000 sheets.

IBM InfoPrint 1372 Printer has a total media capacity tray of 600 sheets with a tray that can hold 250 sheets and a manual feeding tray that can support 100 sheets.

Summary of IBM Infoprint Printers 2011

IBM Infoprint Printers 2011 that present IBM InfoPrint 1332, 1552 and 1372 Printers, are suitable to different business needs. Each of them offer the functions that can increase productivity in a workplace with their fast speed, high resolution and good paper handling features. All printers are created with the high quality standards of IBM, which is known to provide the best printing solutions.

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