Inkjet or Laser Printer

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Inkjet or Laser Printer

Inkjet or Laser Printer

In buying a printer, you may be caught in a predicament whether to opt for an inkjet or laser printer. These are the two most popular printers in the market and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Both come in a wide range of models that are offered by the top names in the industry. It would be good to be acquainted with these printers and to know the features they provide. This way, you would able to know if they match your requirements.

Inkjet or laser printer, this is a choice that depends on other things such as your budget, your brand preference and the features you look for in a printer. Whatever printer you decide on, it is important to consider buying one that has a higher memory so that it doesn’t miss on any text or pictures you would like to print. Other features are available in models of these types of printers such as network capabilities, duplex printing and multi functions. Both have different technologies which can benefit the user. You just need to weigh your options to get one you can rely on.

Inkjet Printers

Ccomes in models that are more affordable. They, initially, cost low. But the downside to buying one is the printer cartridge that is costly to maintain. Most inkjet printers have one cartridge and every time you run out of a single color or ink, you need to replace the whole thing and an original one is expensive. This results to a higher cost per page. An alternative may be to use a good replacement ink cartridge that has been produced under the safety standards. This is, also, much cheaper, about 50% of the original.

Laser Printers

Makes use of a toner. Though a toner is much more expensive than an ink cartridge, it takes long before you replace it. This is more savings in the long run since it has a lower cost per page. So, if you need to do a lot of printing, a laser printer is the better alternative.

Inkjet printers is the better choice when it comes to printing higher quality of images. The strong point of this type of printer is its superior color precision and resolution which enables the production of vibrant colored photos. This, however, has a disadvantage when it comes to print speed. It takes time to produce good quality images so this slows down the printing process.

A Laser Printer is more efficient when it comes to printing a lot of crisp and high quality text. So, if this is what you need and you are happy with just regular photos, you can opt for a laser printer. When it comes to printing speed, this type of printer can be able to print 5 times faster than inkjet printers. In this regard, this printer is more proficient when it comes to volume printing.

An Inkjet Printer is good to consider when it comes to picking a printer for personal use. You can save a lot on buying this type of printer since it comes in affordable prices. Anyway, you may just intend to print every once in a while and most are digital photos.

A Laser Printer is what you should buy if you need to print a lot of documents and you need to print them fast; a laser printer makes you save more on a lower cost per page.

Summary of Inkjet or Laser Printer

In general, an inkjet printer is known for generating good quality images. However, its printing speed is affected by this feature. It is, initially, low on cost but it is quite okay if you don’t need a lot of printing.

A laser printer, on the other hand, is best in printing good quality text and comes in higher print speeds. It is ideal for volume printing. Though, it may be pricier than an inkjet printer, it is more cost efficient in the long run if you need to print a lot. It has a lower cost per page.

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