Kodak Digital Photo Printers

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Kodak Digital Photo Printers

Kodak Digital Photo Printers

The name Kodak is synonymous with photos and when it comes to printing technology, others pale in comparison with Kodak Digital Photo Printers. Nowadays, almost everyone owns a digital camera, which makes use of a memory card that stores pictures taken. It can be costly to have them printed in shops. In this regard, a digital photo printer can come in handy. By removing the memory card from your camera and attaching it to your printer, you can choose the photos you would want to print and get them in a jiffy.

Kodak Digital Photo Printers is the best choice for printing your digital photos. At least, that is what most professional photographers say about these printers. Generally, they are, reasonably priced, print in fast speed and produce high quality, long lasting prints that let you keep your treasured memories.

1. Kodak Digital Photo Printer 6850

Those who require true photographic quality photos that are water resistant and last a lifetime will, surely, want to go for the Kodak Digital Photo Printer 6850. In a mere 15 seconds, this thermal photo printer manages to produce impressive 6” x 8” glossy photos and 4” x 6” photos of the same quality in a matter of 8 seconds. This printer is capable of printing 375 6” x 8” or 5” x 7” prints and 750 4” x 6” prints.

Unlike other digital photo printers that change color quality with time, you get traditional looking photos with the Kodak Digital Photo Printer 6850. The original vibrant color stays true, always, with details that are highlighted.

This printer is simple to use and operate. It is a cost efficient tool that is used in business since it has less downtime when it comes to labor or services. For rapid speed printing, multiple printers can be used with a single computer.

. 2. Kodak Professional 1400 Digital Photo Printer

This type of digital photo printer is ideal for those with small businesses that work in the industry of photography since it is efficient in low volume printing. It is also perfect for professional photographers who need to produce studio quality photos for their clientele. It can deliver 8” x 10” photos that are laminated for protection.

The Kodak Professional 1400 Digital Photo Printer is more affordable than its counterparts that come under other brands. Besides, it is easy to use and operate. It is capable of producing high quality prints that are long lasting which make them a pleasure to display on frames. You can be able to print in 90 seconds with this printer on either matte or glossy paper.

3. Kodak Digital Photo Printer 9810

Professional photographers and business men will find a great deal with the Kodak Digital Photo Printer 9810. This is a roll-fed digital thermal printer that is reasonably priced, works with utmost speed and produces high quality photos which make your customers keep coming back.

It is capable of generating the first 8” x 10” borderless prints in just 45 seconds. The following printouts are produced at intervals of 38 seconds. It has a high capacity since it can produce 300 8” x 10” prints and 250 8” x 12” prints. It, also, comes with a built in cutter. These attributes help generate more sales. Even when you are away from the studio, you may be able to provide your customers the pictures that they need.

You know that this printer is for keeps because of its durability and versatility to work in either a studio, lab or on location.

Summary of Digital Photo Printers

Kodak Digital Photo Printers lives up to this brand’s name of producing high quality photos at a, relatively, high speed and a low cost. They are beneficial not only to those who are photographers and those who have photo related businesses but also to individuals who know that they can keep their memories in pictures which they can share with the generations to come.

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