Laser Printer Reviews 2011

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Laser Printer Reviews 2011

Laser Printer Reviews 2011

For those who would want to replace their inkjet and monochromatic printers, the laser printer reviews 2011 choices, can give you an idea for this type of printer. More consumers plan to switch to laser printers for their printing requirements. They are not only cost efficient, they print with faster speed and produce high quality text. They are, also, capable of printing on different types of paper.

Top Laser Printers 2011 make it easier for simple to techie users to pick a reliable printer for their home or office. They will find the printers that have the features they like and the functions they need.

1. Dell 3130cn Color Laser

This printer is ideal for small to large scale offices. It weighs about 53.5 pounds and measures 15.8" W x 19.8" D x 18.5" H. It is one of those printing devices that provide exceptional print quality. Though laser printers are known for good quality text, this printer, likewise, gives remarkable images on regular paper. It has print speeds of 31 pages per minute in mono and 26 pages per minute in color. It has a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and a 2400 image quality.

Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer has a standard memory of 128 MB but has an option to expand up to 1280 MB for more extensive printing needs. It is compatible with Mac, Unix and most Windows operating systems except for Windows 7 that needs support from the Dell software, for downloading. It has USB, Ethernet and Parallel port interfaces.

2. Lexmark C543dn Laser Printer

Lexmark C543dn is an affordable color laser printer that is easy to set up and operate. It is compact which makes it a space saver. It has a high printing speed of 21 pages per minute for both mono and color. It can print up to 35,000 pages per month. It, likewise, produces high quality color prints with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi for both mono and color. It is capable of duplex printing.

Lexmark C543dn Laser Printer comes with a toner that doesn’t need to be changed until after printing 2,000 pages, so, it saves on costs. It has a total paper capacity of 250 sheets. It has a 128 MB memory and has Ethernet and USB interfaces.

Surely, with these features, this printer is helpful in any type of business.

3. HP Color CM1312nfi LaserJet Printer

The HP Laserjet series latest one is another good offer from the popular brand that, also, functions as a scanner, copier and fax machine. For a multifunction printer, it is easy to set up. It comes with an automatic document feeder(ADF) input tray that can hold up to 50 sheets.

This printer comes with a printing speed of 12 pages per minute for mono and a 8 pages per minute for color. With a fixed resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, exceptional photos are produced. They come out great at the size of 8” x 10”. They come out even better at 4” x 6”.

HP Color CM1312nfi LaserJet Printer consists of a memory card reader which allows you to print photos straight from the memory card. Furthermore you can scan and save documents to this by means of a JPG format. In addition to this, it has built-in networking.

4. Oki C3600n Laser Printer

This printer makes use of an amazing high definition technology. It is capable of generating high quality text and images with its resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi for both mono and color. It has a print speed of 20 pages per minute for mono and 16 pages per minute for color.

Oki C3600n Laser Printer has USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Summary of Best Laser Printers 2011

With this laser printer review 2011 you may find it difficult to choose among Dell 3130cn Color Laser Printer, Lexmark C543dn Laser Printer, HP Color CM1312nfi LaserJet Printer and Oki C3600n Laser Printer. With the features and functions they provide, surely, one of these will make it to your list of must haves.

You can now forgo your present monochrome or inkjet printer with the laser printer of your choice that is more cost efficient and reliable when it comes to your printing needs.

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