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Laser Printers have remained a mainstay in the printer industry despite the presence of inkjet and dye sublimation printing technologies. This is mainly because these laser-based printing equipments offer several things that other printer types cannot achieve. Although laser printing is only ideal for everyday document printing, it still fills needs that even the most advanced inkjet printer cannot achieve.

But how exactly are these laser-based printers different? A laser printer works by projecting an image of the page that is to be printed onto an electrically charged drum, and the charged areas that make up the image are picked up by dry ink particles or the toner. Then the image is fused onto the paper by direct contact and by applying heat.

This process is effective, affordable, and fast, which is why the laser printing technology became and still is popular.

The Industry’s Best: Top Three Laser Printers

Top three laser printers in the market are:

  • Brother Laser MFCs – Best in Corporate Monochrome Laser Printing
  • HP LaserJet – Best in Personal Monochrome Laser Printing
  • Samsung Laser Printer – Best in Personal Color Laser Printing

1. Brother Laser MFCs – Best in Corporate Monochrome Laser Printing

Laser printers come in two types: monochrome and color. Monochrome laser printers enjoy a steady flow of demand from offices that require low-cost mass printing of business documents. One of the top brands that rose to meet that growing demand is Brother, which came out with a wide range of monochrome laser MFCs, a move that resulted in the brand’s becoming the most trusted monochrome laser brand in the corporate world.

With their MFCs combining superior printing, faxing, scanning, and copying, and with other special features included in their monochrome laser MFCs such as Ethernet and wireless networking, affordable and high-capacity toner cartridge, and high-capacity paper trays, Brother successfully scored the top spot.

If you need a monochrome laser printer that offers good performance even when faced with the most daunting print jobs, check out Brother’s HL-5280DW, which also has an LCD display, 20 ppm speeds, a 1200x1200 dpi resolution, and an automatic duplexer. Best of all, according to a PC World review, the HL-5280DW has only a 2.2 cents per page cost of printing.

2. HP LaserJet – Best in Personal Monochrome Laser Printing

laser printerOne of the most respected laser printer series is HP’s famous LaserJet line, which includes a full range of monochrome and color laser printers. Some of the best in the series, however, are personal monochrome printers, one of which is the HP LaserJet P1505N.

The usual personal monochrome laser printer package from the LaserJet series features fast high-quality printing with networking capabilities. HP also offers the convenient, energy saving Instant On Technology that’s friendly to the environment.

The P1505N also has an 8 MB memory and a 266 MHz processor that can handle even complex tasks. It also comes with a 150-sheet output bin and a 250-sheet adjustable main tray with cover. Its control panel is easily to navigate and the toner cartridge easy to replace with the one door access. It has a 24 ppm print speed plus Ethernet and USB connectivity.

3. Samsung Laser Printer – Best in Personal Color Laser Printing

But if it’s personal color laser printing you need, you’ll find some excellent choices in Samsung’s line of color laser printers that have become quite popular due to their affordable prices. Samsung has positioned its color laser-based printers as budget-friendly, top-performing, and reliable equipments for use at home and in home businesses. These printers are also surprisingly compact and are packaged in elegant black bodies.

One of the most successful printers in Samsung’s color laser series is the CLP-300, which also comes in a CLP-300N version equipped with networking. The printer is easy to set up and saves a lot of space. It can achieve up to 2400x600 dpi resolution and can print at 17 ppm speeds. It is Energy Star qualified and offers easy connectivity with USB interface and an easy to maintain design.

Why Use Laser Printers?

The main advantages of laser printing can be summarized into three factors: cost, speed, and durability. Laser printers are sure winners when it comes to printing costs of both color and monochrome. Despite the expensive upfront toner cartridge cost, each toner cartridge can print up to 2000 pages, which results to a lower cost per page than when you use an inkjet printer.

Aside from that, these laser-based equipments are rapid workers. Some of the most advanced printers can print up to 40 ppm of monochrome pages, though the faster a laser printer works, the more expensive it tends to be.

Lastly, laser printers are known for their durability. Although they have several moving parts, a laser printer is easier to repair than inkjet printers. With a high duty cycle, the printers are made extra resilient to withstand demanding print jobs.

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