LaserJet 4200 and 4300 Series 75-Sheet Envelope Feeder

by Camille
(Kensington, California)

LaserJet 4200 and 4300 Series 75-Sheet Envelope Feeder

LaserJet 4200 and 4300 Series 75-Sheet Envelope Feeder

Why are People Looking for Dedicated Envelope Printer in the Age of Emails?

A lot of people are looking for dedicated envelope printer machines. In fact they are looking not just for any kind of envelope printer but the best color printer with high volume envelope feeder. This is quite interesting of course since most of us now live in the Internet Age where our use of envelopes will not prompt us to ask around the World Wide Web even for a small-scale dedicated envelope printer.

Now it turns out that a lot of business establishments still prefer to send out physical mails. Universities, colleges, banks, lenders and even charitable institutions will benefit greatly if their office printers also had envelope printers that could print a batch of at least 60 envelopes in a single loading. Since printer machines have become quite a convenient tool, a lot of people are now searching the net at forum sites for envelope printers that will churn out more than just 10 envelopes at the most.

Still we find it hard to understand the rationale why these institutions still prefer sending out physical mails which take time to reach their recipients, over sending them out as emails. It's not that they're sending out contracts or deeds but only billing statements, grant notices, notifications to students and parents, bank statements and confirmation letters. If we are the recipients, we will just stuff the letter back in its envelope and lay it away somewhere. Here's why:

It's All about the Fourth Amendment

Business disputes use these documents as evidences in court. Just in case that by some stroke of faith, one of the parties to a seemingly harmless agreement breaks his word or promise. Most often, the act of reneging on a business deal puts the other party in a tight spot whether legally or financially. Now somebody will file a lawsuit and it appears that the Fourth amendment protects only the postal mail and packages during search and seizure acts and not the email of every US citizen.

Thus, a business who wants to keep everything official and legal prefers the longer route of sending out physical mails via the post office. You can never tell when the protection part will work in your favor. In fact, lawyers gather all sorts of evidences to support their cases and it has been known to happen that billing statements have often held the key to somebody's spending habits or phone call records or affiliation. In the same way, if a person has been established to have received said notices or statements, these particular documents are admissible in the courts of law.

Emails are taken in the context of a postcard sent out as an open mail. Although there are such things as encrypted mails, investigators will find it easy to pry into somebody's emails since they are not considered as protected documents.

Now here's the good part, Hewlett Packard (HP) was quick to come up not with a dedicated envelop printer machine but an accessory called the Envelope Feeder.

Upgrading your LaserJet 4200 and 4300 Series with a 75-Sheet Envelope Feeder

HP is obviously abreast as to what people are clamoring for. Although they haven't launched a stand-alone envelope printer machine, they came up with this accessory for HP LaserJet 4200 and HP LaserJet 4200 4300 to upgrade the printer's capacity to print out envelopes in larger batches. A single batch will be fed with 75 sheets of envelopes by this new peripheral called Envelope Feeder.

Now even in your own home and for small scale businesses, mailing in large batches can be simpler. Both the HP Laserjet 4200 and Laserjet 4300 will be enabled to print envelopes in varying sizes. In addition, the Envelope Feeder will make their business envelopes really professional looking if upgraded with this 75-Sheet Envelope Printer Feeder. HP is still probably testing the waters if there will be a greater demand for stand-alone envelope printers. In fact, there is an introductory offer with HP's "Bill me Later Plan", where you can get to acquire these HP Laserjet 4200 or Laserjet 4300 Envelope Feeder for as low as $15 per month and no payment for the first 6 months required but subject to credit approval of course.

Now if you're a home user, avoid entertaining the idea of joining those envelope-stuffing-work-at-home jobs if you're thinking that these HP Laserjet 4200 and Laserjet 4300 Envelope Feeder was designed with that type of work in mind. Don't waste your time or a perfectly good technology on something that will not pay you right.

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