LED Printers: New Generation of Printers

by John - expert

A reliable technology that produces high quality results is made available by means of LED printers. These are light emitting diode (LED) printers that were, initially, meant for photocopying but, eventually, were enhanced to function in several other ways.

These multifunctional printers that make use of an electrophotography process is ideal for desktop publishing and other applications that require high speed and high quality output of text and images. They have an extreme range of print speeds. For personal use, there are printers that have a print speed of 4 pages per minute. On the other hand, these printers are, also, available in a print speed of 700 pages per minute for massive digital printing.

LED printers are reliable and are more efficient than its laser printer counterparts since they have lesser mobile parts. They use a stationary array of LEDs which make them less prone to a breakdown. Besides, their mechanism is simpler. Furthermore, they are more affordable than most laserjet printers.

Because of technical limitations, these printers are not able to compete with laserjet printers of high quality. A corresponding LED per inch is needed for every dot-per-inch resolution. So, a printer that has a 600 dpi resolution must have 600 LEDs per inch.

The quality of images produced by these printers is highly dependent on the spot shape of every LED. A squashes-oval spot enable pixels not to overlap. This produces a better image quality than the round oval spot that allow pixels to overlap in a vertical path.

LED printers were first introduced by Casio, a Japanese brand which is well known for its electronic devices such as calculators, cameras and printers, among others. Now, the best of these devices are found in the territory of Oki printers that present the most advanced printing technology.

Here are some of the best LED printers that are offered by Oki:

Oki C5150n Led is an affordable printer which has a low purchase price and a low cost per page. It generates a high speed and high quality output with a 20 page per minute print speed for mono and 12 page per minute print speed for full color. Its first color printing only takes 14 seconds while the first black and white page only takes 9 seconds. It has a paper capacity of 400 sheets and has the option to expand to an additional 530 sheets for a second tray making a total of 930 sheets. This printer is capable of printing on bigger media such as banners. It is, also, able to dual sided printing. In addition to this, it includes high speed USB internet connectivity.

Oki B4250 LED is known for its fast print speed and high quality printouts. It has a 23 page per minute print speed. It has a paper capacity of 250 pages with an option to increase to 500 sheets. It has an Ethernet interface and gives you the option to choose from a USB or parallel connection.

Oki C5800Ldn LED is ideal for those who want their printer to print fast and produce high quality colored printouts. It has a 28 page per minute print speed and is capable of dual sided printing.

Having the features of being compact, reliable, earth-friendly and high definition gives LED printers the advantage over other types of printers. With their high quality printouts, they are able to meet the demands of consumers, even, during these trying times.

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