Lexmark Impact S605 Review

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Lexmark Impact S605 review ratings are quite good for this all in one printer. Lexmark boasts of its Smart Solution that makes it different from other multifunctional printer within its class. You can never find another printer within its league at this price that is easy to use, prints faster with amazing print quality, handles big workloads, user friendly and with low noise level.

Lexmark Impact S605 features an all Smart Solution that are downloadable applications on Lexmark’s website to enhance its functions and its use. Applications like RSS feed access, Google Calendar and even photo sharing sites makes the use of this printer more exciting. These applications are believed to improve in time as innovations keep on changing.

The Impact S605 stands out with its 4.3 inch and great looking touch screen control panel. The icons and menu structure makes it easier for the user to follow through without any confusion.

It has an automatic duplex printing saving the user time in flipping the pages from one side to another saving time and money on paper. The S605 does not have an automatic document feeder. Its back tray can hold up to 100 sheets of paper while the front tray output can accommodate 25 sheets.

Printing full color photos is made easy with its 4800 x 1200 dpi with its four color range of inks for quality text and photo printing. It is equipped with a 1200 x 2400 dpi flatbed scanner as well. It has media slot support for MMC, MS, SD and xD cards and a USB port.

Print output is much faster on PC with 6.4 pages per minute and a much slower Mac printout with 4.1 pages per minute.

Lexmark Impact S605 is user friendly making it easier for starters to use the printer on a step by step process while those who are more experienced can skip work on a faster pace.

Another great thing about the Impact S605 is that it is easy to set up by simply inserting the CD into your PC and it finishes everything from placing the ink to connecting it via wifi.

Lexmark Impact S605 review ratings show that it is an excellent, impressive and a quality all in one printer but in spite of the positive feedbacks there are certain negative feedbacks that needs to be considered before deciding to purchase the printer. One of the basic weaknesses of the Impact S605 is having expensive ink. It provides full color photos on small sizes but fails to print quality photos in larger sizes. With the absence of a document feeder most of the time the paper gets jammed when printing that makes it frustrating for the user. Another disadvantage of the Impact S605 is its slow touch screen panel. Summing up its benefits it is still one of the best buys you can have with a printer as impressive as the Impact S605.

The Lexmark Impact S605 review has proven that this all in one printer is a perfect choice considering its price which is not too high with all its magnificent features. This all in one printer is considered as one of the editors’ favorite from CNET and was rated as an excellent printer as well.

No wonder Lexmark Impact S605 review ratings from its users are quite high and most are happy with their purchase.

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