Lexmark Printer Reviews 2011

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Lexmark Printer Reviews 2011

Lexmark Printer Reviews 2011

For consumers who plan to buy a device that would help them with their printing needs, they can find the best options through the Lexmark Printer Review 2011. Though Lexmark is a brand known in producing other types of electronics, it is a brand that is recognized for creating the best printers that can compete with the well known brands such as HP, Canon and Epson. In addition to this, it presents a 5 year warranty, one of the best in the industry. It, also, gives a lifetime priority telephone support.

The Lexmark Printer Review 2011 provides the specifications, attributes and performance of 3 top printers. It, likewise, mentions the advantages and weak points of these devices. This way, the consumer can assess which would match his requirements.

1. Lexmark Interact S650 is ideal for those who have a small business and those who work from home. It is simple to operate which is made possible with an additional 4.3-inch color LCD touch screen for its control panel. There are 3 modes to choose when printing such as the quick print, normal and the best. The progress of the print job is shown on the LCD and the lower right part of the computer screen. Aside from printing from your computer, you may be able to print straight from other sources such as a memory card, flash card or a camera that uses a PictBridge card.

The Lexmark Interact S650 is an all-in-one printer so it can copy and scan at the same time. As a copier, you can switch from black and white to color and between photo, normal and draft. As a scanner, you can choose between black and white and color. You can scan to a memory device or a computer. You can, likewise, email in 600 dpi resolution.

When it comes to document and photo printing, this printer is capable of fast page per minute print speed. Lexmark’s technology, which is evident in its Smart Solutions Web site, makes it achievable to add important functions to your LCD’s front panel

On the other hand, this printer has its downside, that is, it has no automatic document feeder. It only makes use of a letter-size flatbed scanner. Besides, the capacity of its input tray is a limited number of 100 sheets while the output tray can accommodate 25 sheets.

2. Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 Like the S650, this all-in-one printer is easy to use with its 4.3 inch LCD touch screen. You don’t need to connect to your computer to use this printer’s other functions.

You can scan documents to your email or photos to Picasa and Photo bucket. Furthermore, you can print directly from the internet. It has an input capacity of 350 pages while its automatic feeder is capable of 60 sheets.

Lexmark Platinum Pro 905 provides the lowest black ink cost in the industry of inkjet printers. Yet, it generates printouts with sharp text. Likewise, it produces vibrant color printing. In addition to this is the Automated Business Card Scanning feature which makes you scan several business cards in diverse languages at a single time. Moreover, this printer is compatible with operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac.

3. Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 is ideal for those who have a small business. Like the Pro 905, it offers a very low ink cost. It has a 4.3 inch LCD touch screen like the first 2 printers. It is capable of double sided printing and produces impressive printouts. It, also, copies well, even in color.

To boost its potential, you need to register this all-in-one printer under the brand’s website and add the desired functions. However, others may find this tedious. Anyway, there are some other weak points present in this printer like its inability to scan on both sides of a paper. You may need to scan it twice. Another difficulty that one may experience is in the use of the auto feeder. Some papers are rejected, especially, those that are not, perfectly, even. So again, you have to help it, manually.

Summary of Lexmark Printer Reviews 2010

Lexmark Printer Review 2011 gives the consumers a view of their top 3 all-in-one printers of the year, namely, Lexmark Interact S650, Lexmark Platinum Pro 90 and Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901. Here, their outstanding features and functions as well as their weak points are revealed.

Lexmark continues to release new printers with advanced features that arouse the interest of many. So, it may not come as a surprise why avid followers of other popular brands would suddenly switch to Lexmark.

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