Multifunction Printers 11x17

by Matilda
(Dearborn, Michigan)

Multifunction Printers 11x17

Multifunction Printers 11x17

I found the best multifunction printer 11 x 17 wide format in a brand that I least expected to perform well. In fact, I had to apologize to my husband because I initially couldn't get over his idea of choosing this Brother MFC-6490CW Color Inkjet Wireless All-in-One. As much as I would have wanted to find fault in it, the machine just keeps getting better in showing what it's made of every time I used it.

My husband and I work together in a family business and we sometimes have to bring home our CAD Design projects at home. This is to make sure we could maintain our commitment to finish and submit projects with a quick turnaround but without sacrificing quality. So what we really needed was a reliable multifunction printer 11x 17 wide format workhorse, not only for printing but also for scanning at 11x 17 size.

I was expecting to buy HP or Epson, like the Epson WorkForce 1100 Wide Format Printer but it does not have wireless working connectivity. A Canon would be nice but it asks too much in terms of price with relatively the same performance as the other two. In fact, we have both HP and Epson at the office and just had to install one for home office use. That is why I was greatly disappointed that my husband bought a Brother MFC-6490CW Color Inkjet Wireless All-in-One.

However, in a span of one week I was singing a different tune about this printer. First thing that was remarkable was that it was a printer that could be used right "out-of-the-box" so to speak. Installation was quick including set-up of its wifi connectivity. The Brother MFC-6490CW multifunction printer 11x 17 wide format machine was quite impressive because it can churn out as much as 23 copies in that size in less than a minute and in high resolutions of 6000 x 1200 dpi too. Details of the printed copies were absolutely faultless.

The features I find most helpful about it is the 3.3"wide Color LCD screen which makes everything easy to use because I can print PC less or without the need to use my laptop if I left it upstairs. As long as I have the memory card or my USB drive with me, then that's all I needed to have, in case my husband calls and asks for a copy to be sent via fax. The LCD screen allows me to edit or enhance but all I do really is simply allow the printer to auto correct itself using its own built-in program. The most that I do is crop if necessary.

I also appreciate the additional tray, one with which has a capacity of 250 sheets and the additional for another type of media has 150-sheet capacity. It takes away the tediousness of having to switch paper loads if there are two persons working and getting something printed at the same time. Ink usage can also be maximized. Even if it warns us that the ink is low, it just goes on printing until the cartridge is all out of ink. The other brand of printer we are using will stop printing if it senses low ink level and I really hate that because some ink are simply wasted.

The only thing I regret is that my husband bought it at a time when it had already upped its price by $60. An associate recommended the Brother MFC-6490CW multifunction printer 11 x 17 format earlier and my husband had decided in buying one a bit too late; because he knew I was counting on having the other brands. Nevertheless, it's still worth the price paid for it because it relatively costs lower than its HP or Epson counterpart.

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