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A PDF Printer is becoming an increasingly valuable equipment at home and in the office. PDF printers are printers with the capability to print straight from PDF files saved in USB drives and all in one printers able to scan documents straight to PDF so you can save your scanned documents in secure soft copies. These printers are designed to handle PDF files as an added innovation since more and more people are now harnessing the many benefits of using secure PDF files.

If you find the need to print PDF files and convert your hard copy documents into PDF files, there is a PDF printer out there with your name on it. But you don’t need a special equipment just for this. The best way is to invest in an all in one printer that offers this special function.

Here are some of the best all in one printers with PDF handling capabilities in the market.

Your Search for the PDF Printer: The Best Pdf Printer Leads

Best PDF printers are:

  • Canon Pixma All in One Printers with Scan to PDF
  • Lexmark Professional Series AIO Printers with OCR and PDF Scanning
  • Brother Color Laser AIOs for High Volume Printing with PDF
  • HP OfficeJet AIO for PDF Printing and Scanning

1. Canon Pixma All in One Printers with Scan to PDF

As a solution for all your office tasks, the Canon Pixma all in one printers offer not just professional-grade lab-quality photo printing, but also copying and scanning. With an automatic document feeder and duplex printing, you can leave your machine to do the work for you the way you want it. And other members of your organization can enjoy the same benefits through Ethernet or wireless sharing.

If you need a PDF printer, there are some Canon Pixma models that offer the scan to PDF function, such as the Canon Pixma MX860, which offers the function with its CIS scanner with 2400 dpi resolution. The scanner can smartly convert text documents into PDFs. The best thing is that the resulting PDF is searchable, which just proves even more that the Canon Pixma printers are nothing short of intelligent.

2. Lexmark Professional Series AIO Printers with OCR and PDF Scanning

pdf printerLexmark has one of the most varied AIO printer collections in the industry, consisting of printers in striking series such as Platinum, Prestige, and so on. One of the top printer series from Lexmark is the Professional series. And the printers in the series are exactly what the name implies: they are the perfect printing equipments offering complete print, fax, scan, and copy functions for professionals.

If you are need a PDF printer, your best bet is the X6675, the Professional wireless AIO with 600x1200 dpi resolution flatbed scanner that can scan thick books and reports then convert your files into PDF so you can easily preserve them.

The AIO printer also has all the important office-focused applications and features such as fast faxing with an automatic document feeder, duplex printing, and direct photo printing from USB drives and PictBridge. Printing is also impressive; you can even print borderless photos with up to 4800x2400 resolution. This is exactly the package the Lexmark Professional series offers.

3. Brother Color Laser AIOs for High Volume Printing with PDF

Brother is one of the experts in all-in-ones, and its line of AIOs is divided into color and laser AIOs. Although inkjet is more common these days, laser printers are more advisable for medium to large businesses because they are economical and built for the heavier print jobs.

If you need a high-volume, high-performance all in one printer with PDF handling, you need the MFC-8860DN, a flatbed laser AIO that offers the PDF printing and scanning plus other smart business-focused solutions such as double-sided printing, Ethernet networking, high-speed USB interface, and a high-capacity multi-purpose tray.

The scanner can handle up to 9600 dpi resolution scans and offers several “scan to” options. You can scan directly to PDF then immediately convert your text documents into soft copy with OCR technology. This is also one of the few that offer double-sided scanning in a single step.

4. HP OfficeJet AIO for PDF Printing and Scanning

HP offers a robust and constantly growing collection of all in one printers that offer various printing, scanning, copying, and faxing functionalities including the scan to file or scan to PDF feature. HP mainly offers three types of AIOs: DeskJet, OfficeJet, and Photosmart, which are designed for home, office, and professional graphics printing.

PDF printers are often most useful in the business setting where preservation of text documents is important. This is why for a PDF printer, one of the best choices is the OfficeJet J4680, a wireless AIO for excellent document and photo printing, that offers 1200 dpi resolution scans with the convenient scan to PDF feature you’re looking for.

Focusing on OCR Technology in a PDF Printer

A PDF printer, that is, an AIO printer with a scan to PDF feature, relies on the very useful and intelligent OCR technology. OCR technology, or Optical Character Recognition, is the technology that allows your AIO to convert hard copy text into soft copy PDF files by recognizing the characters in it. This means even as you convert, characters are recognized so you end up with precise searchable PDF files.

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