Photo Printers 2010

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Photo Printers 2010

Photo Printers 2010

Photo printers 2010 reviews give us a few clear favourites such as the Epson Artisan printer. Among photo printer 2010 Epson does relly well for a number of reasons. A single brand alone like Epson can carry different models and versions, wherein each type has a feature to brag about while at the same time possessing the standard features you would look for in an excellent photo printer.

Customers themselves have different criteria as to what type of printer will suit their purpose and which feature has the most bearing in their overall consideration. Our photo printer review for 2010 will give you three selections in a single brand to filter your printer choices firstly by its maker. This will also suit those who already have Epson as the particular brand in their mind but may also move on to other printer brands for further comparison and reviews. Based on experience, the various models carried by a single brand can also get to be confusing as to which of the highly profiled models they will finally decide on. Read our reviews about three top favorites in Epson's line of photo printers.

Top Three Photo Printer 2010 Picks :

1. Epson Artisan 710 Wireless Color Inkjet All-In-One Printer

This Epson Artisan 710 carries a higher price as an inkjet all-in-one at $129.00. This will justify a customer's expectation of more benefits if compared to what the lower priced Epson Stylus NX515 has to offer as an Inkjet All-in-one printer. Aside from the same standard features of printing, scanning and copying with wireless connectivity operations, Epson Artisan 710 produces laser quality text documents, graphics and photos.

Despite the higher price, there were more consumers who made final decisions to favor this printer, so let's find out why:

It maintains excellence in producing professional looking photographs that are resistant to smudge, scratch, and water as well as tendency to fade or lose color. What's even more interesting is the printer's ability to restore old photos and make them look like new.

Although print speed for laser quality can produce at a rate of only 9.5 ppm for black and 9 ppm for color prints. Nevertheless, its laser-print produces more than just photos; it will enable the user to print their own CD/DVD labels, create school projects or personalized coloring books. You can do all this without using your PC; hence, save-up on energy.

In fact, this Epson Artisan 710 printer has the Energy Star label on it, in as much as other features like the automatic dual-sided printing capacity and features for printing multiple pages using a single sheet, promote cost efficiency in digital printing. Epson tries to make-up for the higher price in various ways, one of which is by backing it up with a two-year warranty.

Now these photo printer reviews for 2010 saved the best add-on feature for last. You can use the PrinterShare technology, from any where using your iPhone. It will enable you to get your documents or photos printed remotely in your Epson Artisan 710, so the users at home base can get it printed without waiting for you to return home. Actually, the PrinterShare acts as a server to relay iPhone data communication to your Epson Artisan 710 printer.Another plus factor, is that you can charge your iPhones via this printer machine.

2.The Epson Stylus NX515 Inkjet AIO

If you're in search of a printer that can print documents, graphics and photos at a considerable speed, your search might end here. This photo printer review for 2010 will vouch for Epson's speed which is at an incredible rate of 13.81 pages per minute of plain text using ordinary white paper where other printers in ordinary inkjet class can only generate as much as 5.54 pages per minute.

You will find four individual cartridges for CYM with the fourth cartridge being the black ink which performs at a fair cost of 3.1 cents a page for all black printing and at 3.2 cents using colored CYM inks. It might interest you to know that this is a bit higher than the standard cost of 3 cents, albeit minimal.

As an all-in-one it meets standard capabilities of printing wirelessly from your PC or Mac as soon as wireless connectivity has been established. You can also save energy by using compatible Pictbridge or media card reader to print directly from your digital camera or memory card with slots provided for xD or SD. Nevertheless, print quality can boast of excellence in clearly defining the thin and thick lines and attendance to details regarding the exact form and shape of the printed graphics.

Photos printed were free from blemishes although there is no auto-edit software to rely on when it comes to making photo adjustments. If there's anything that Epson is lacking in as far as the latest features in All-in-one printers are concerned is the availability of software for creative applications. If this is something critical in what you're looking for, checkout Epson WorkForce 30 or Epson Artisan 710.

As a user-friendly printer, the 2.5" LCD screen can be tilted to allow better viewing. In fact, the button selections which had all been practically arranged to give the user plenty of options and tools for editing photos, ink monitoring and page progress. There's the scheduler where you can program your scan and copy tasks.

A one-year guarantee backs-up the Epson Stylus NX515 which is another disappointment for these photo printer reviews for 2010. Other printers like the Epson Artisan 710 managed to come up with a two-year warranty. Nevertheless, the great speed achieved without sacrificing quality, its standard all-in-one features and practical usability are still worth more than the $89.00 you will pay for this printer.

3. Epson WorkForce 30 - the Third Among Photo Printers 2010

We can't leave out the Epson WorkForce 30 which possesses most of the features you can find in both Epson Stylus NX515 Inkjet and Epson Artisan 710 except for the fact that this is not an all-in-one printer since it has no scanner or copier but only a highly capable photo printer. It's fairly priced at $60 but as you get to discover what it has to offer, the price is a steal and not just a bargain.

Customers should not miss this photo printer review for 2010 for Epson WorkForce 30. This is in case the features it boasts of are what they are looking for as the most important criteria in their printer search with an affordable low price.

It also blazes with speed in printing black draft at 27 ppm and 11 ppm for color and all in laser quality. It will allow you to print T-shirt transfer, print stickers or labels and do some scrap booking projects using the Easy Photo Print software at wired connectivity capacity.

It also has automatic dual-sided printing capability where printing is ably supported by two black cartridges. Photos are also laser quality, scratch, water, smudge and fade resistant

A one-year warranty will allow you to discover the printer?s fullest potential to your satisfaction. It has its own photo correction enhancer.

Now here's what Epson Work Force 30 has to offer which you won't find in those first two Epson printers that were reviewed.

It has a loading tray that can automatically load paper at a capacity of 100 sheets and 100 envelopes. In fact it supports a wide selection of paper materials and envelope sizes. It also will allow the user to print images directly from the web page.

Epson Work Force 30 may not have it all, but whatever it has, it's guaranteed to deliver in large volume at a faster speed and excellent laser quality in documents as well as photos.

To sum up Photo Printers 2010 :

As a summary, the Epson Stylus NX515 may be incredibly fast but for a printer to be really functional, speed just isn't enough. Laser printing quality, up to date technologies and overall versatility as a printer counts a lot. In fact, the Work Force 30 may not have the scanner and copier but its laser quality and updated photo printing technologies, cost efficiency and equally fast speed and large volume capacity at an affordable price makes the Workforce 30 a more likely option to decide on.

At first glance the Epson Workforce 30 can easily mislead the consumer as a better choice than the Artisan 710 or the Stylus NX515 but this photo printer review for 2010 will easily reveal that the low price is basically due to the absence of the scanner and copier. Others may still have their current scanners and copiers still working hence, the affordable $60 will provide them with an updated printer that can produce in great volumes and perform other creative projects. It is also rare for a printer to have as much as 100 paper or envelope capacity in its auto feeder tray with dual-sided printing ability.

Nonetheless, most consumers settled for Artisan 710 despite the doubled price as an all-in-one. It has the laser quality, the creative software features, the cost-efficiency, multiple wireless connectivity, the latest in photo printing technologies and most of all the two-year warranty. For all these, the price of $129 seems worth all its advantages over the Epson Stylus NX515 and Epson Workforce 30 as Photo Printers 2010 options.

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