Portable Photo Printers 5x7

by Sam
(Port Allegany, PA )

Since my portable Epson Picturemate Dash doesn't print photos that are any larger than 4 x 6, I decided to sell it so I could buy the HP Photosmart A646, which is a portable photo printer 5 x 7 size capable. Although I couldn't say that the print quality is better than that of Epson's Picturemate, I like it that the HP Photo smart A646, performs better.

If I wanted high quality, I can always use the larger HP all-in-one printer that I have in my home office. The only problem is that I couldn't carry that one with me for out of town trips.

Although the Picturemate served me well, I had hoped that Epson would come up with a version that prints 5 x7. Since I only used the Epson portable printer occasionally, I find it to be inept if I don't get to use it for a long period, and have to trouble myself in cleaning its built-in print head while out-of-town. Epson's print head tends to clog when not in use for quite some time.

Now the HP's compact printer has better features when it comes to print heads. If it does clog-up which has not happened yet, the only thing I need to do is to replace the ink cartridge where the print heads can be found.

Another thing I like about HP Photosmart A646 as a portable photo printer with 5 x 7 printing capabilities is that you can do all sorts of things with your photo prints to make some quick cards. My wife and I give them out as souvenir gifts to the people we meet in our many travels. They are amazed that it takes very little time for their photos to be printed and at the same time presented in a way that they are proud of to show as souvenirs.

The touch screen which I consider as conveniently large at about 3.5?helps the user manage the printing and the extra features without the need to be tech-savvy. My wife enjoys using this printer a lot since she finds it easy to use with the aid of the touch screen. It practically walks her through any task, even that of editing.

Since I use this compact printer when I'm travelling, I don't have to worry that I cannot use it when there's no PC available, since I can print from memory cards and Bluetooth connectivity. Although my previous compact printer printed faster based on reviews, you won't get to notice the difference. With the convenience it provides, you get to finish the printing tasks for relatively within the same period since using it and all its add-on features give a better advantage.

Another thing, I've learned from past experience is that if you want your print jobs to come out looking really good and superb, use compatible paper and ink so you won't have any issues about quality. This way you will really get a kick out of printing photos in larger sixes like the ones printed by this HP Photo smart A646, a portable photo printer, 5 x 7 pictures size capable.

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