Printer Ink Refill and Cartridge Replacement

by Annie Enriquez - writer

Many offices and individuals turns to printer ink refill and cartridge replacement instead of buying the recommended ink cartridges and ink by the printer manufacturers. Considering the cost of consumables in printers today which are really costly especially when you are buying the original brands that goes with your printer.

If you’re looking for quality and reliability by all means stick to your manufacturers recommended ink cartridges and ink or go for their brand of cartridges and ink. One disadvantage of going for branded ink cartridges and inks is their being expensive. You can save a lot of money if you go for a printer ink refill and a cartridge replacement that is of good quality and not far from branded ones. Besides, if you’re mainly printing text pages printer ink refill and cartridge replacement can save you more money in cutting down your running costs.

Comparing branded ones to refills and replacements of course they will provide you best quality photo results, consistent quality printing but they are more expensive compared to third – party inks.
Below are reviews of two companies that offer ink refills and cartridge replacements. This will give you an idea on how you can save on your consumables as well as you get to know the quality of ink cartridges and ink they offer.

Cartridge World

Cartridge World is one retail ink alternative. It refills cartridges, sells its own alternative inks and has a solid ink quality. On the other hand, when it comes to quality it is unfortunate that not all of its ink maintains a consistent quality, you cannot buy any of its cartridges online and services vary from one location to another.
Cartridge World has more than 400 stores in the US that operates through a franchise. The franchises will refill your ink cartridges while you wait. It offers its own branded pre – packaged ink cartridges including that of the printer manufacturer’s OEM cartridges.

Cartridge World own brand of ink is just as good as that of HP or even better making it a good alternative with its cheaper prices. It is far less expensive as well than the manufacturer’s OEM and store – branded ink. The only drawback of this company is you need to be living within the area that is near their stores because you cannot buy them online.

What is good about is you can buy their ink online. It offers good quality alternative ink for Epson and HP. It allows you to save from 10% - 15% on OEM cartridges although photo quality output with their ink is not as good as the OEM cartridges.

Generally, Carrot Ink provides real good photo and text quality printouts especially on Epson branded printers. Others say that its ink cartridges work well with HP printers. Basically, Carrot Ink produces alternative ink cartridges that produce acceptable printing results.

Considering buying ink cartridges and ink you can check out these two companies. See which of the two companies suit you best. Cartridge World does not offer its product online while Carrot Ink does. If you’re looking for printer ink refill and cartridge replacements these two companies are ideal in meeting your needs.

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