Printer Maintenance - Simple but Surefire Tips

by Peter - writer

Proper printer maintenance should, always, be considered in order for it to be efficient and last for a long period of time. When you rely, most of the time, on your printer, you wouldn’t want to be left hanging in the middle of a deadline or a very important presentation. When this happens, you need to have a spare or you have to rush to a shop where you can immediately have your documents or pictures printed.

There are many printers of high quality in the market today. Nevertheless, choosing one that is reputable is just as crucial as maintaining it. What good is it to buy one of the top of the line printers if you won’t take care of it? It will not last long because of your negligence.

Like all other electronic gadgets, your printer needs to be checked and cleaned every now and then. However, you have to do it the proper way to prevent being the cause of its early retirement.

Here are some printer maintenance tips to keep in mind.

1. When it comes to inkjet printers, the print heads need to be checked for ink build up. To clean them, the cartridges need to be taken out and wiped with a slightly damp cloth. Once this is done, they can now be returned. Your choice of ink refills can, likewise, be a factor in the longevity of your printer. When you use substandard ink refills, you do not only get less quality print outs, you endanger your printer with possible leaks that could get into its components.

2. To maintain laserjet printers, you need to clean the rollers from time to time. This can be done by wiping the soft rubber coating with a moist cloth. On the other hand, to prevent toner particles from getting into your printer, you can use a vacuuming device such as the HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Morever, the fuser may need replacement after every 100,000 prints.

3. With dot matrix machines, well-timed replacement of cartridges can prove useful in preventing dirt and grit from forming on the ribbon and seeping into the guide plates.

4. Using quality paper in all kinds of printers avoids the trouble of paper jam that causes ineffectiveness of ink cartridges.

5. Being gentle with your printer, further, prolongs its life. You should close the feed tray when not in use to prevent dust from coming in. You can be gentler when you open and close its lid and when you press its buttons. You have to position it in a safe place, away from too much heat and to prevent it from falling.

6. Reading the service manual that comes along with your printer saves you the trouble of calling a technician every time a problem pops out.

7. Keeping a proper printer maintenance kit can come in handy in times of printer breakdown.

A printer is a very valuable machine since it can help us in a lot of ways. So, it is but proper to take care of it in every way we could.

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