Printers for Macbook

by Terrence
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Printers for Macbook

Printers for Macbook

My search for printers for Macbook finally ended my search for portable office printers, which I could use in my line of work. The selections for portable printers I came up with had more capabilities for photo printing over text documents.

I'm a paralegal secretary and I often accompany my boss to court and we have been through several instances when the judge wanted some documents at short notice. What happens is that I often had to speed-off back to the office just to get it properly documented and printed. My boss doesn't like the idea of using some computer rental shop where we could possibly leave trails of confidential documents that can hurt our case.

Since I use a Macbook, I was relentless in my search for portable office printers for Macbook. I asked at forum sites if they knew of any brand of printer that was capable of producing quality text prints and not so much with photos. Although, it would be a bonus, it the portable office printer for Macbook can also churn out some good photos in the few occasions that the need for this arises.

I was again on my search for portable printers for Macbook users when out of the blue, I found the answer I had been waiting for when somebody finally posted an answer about checking out HP H470WBT. To cut the story short, I finally found my portable office printer for Macbook users,which made my work as a paralegal secretary a lot easier than it used to be.

Installation of the HP H470WBT in my Apple Macbook was effortless because it was automatically done; the device driver and the update to the driver downloaded without any hitches. The printer is so user friendly, I was able to use it at the instance when I bought it. The nicest thing about it is that it works unobtrusively and noiselessly without attracting attention to its user; hence, avoiding possible complaints from cranky nit-pickers who may be near you.

The HP H470WBT can work via Wi-fi and Bluetooth with the adapter that comes along with the package. I have printed a lot of text documents, graphics and even photos, including printing direct from the web. It's light weight enough for a printer that can be transported but still heavy to lug around. It's a good thing that it comes along with a sturdy leather case where the printer can nestle snugly while in transport. Although a bit bulky, it folds up very nicely in its leather case.

This printer also comes with a rechargeable battery and can last your for several days, even if you use it at least ten times during the day. This is because the printer's auto save mode helps in conserving power charges.

This printer comes highly recommended to people who are always on the go, or anybody who's busy with field work while travelling. Anyone searching for portable printers for Macbook, can end their search with HP H470WBT Office Mobile Jet Printer.

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