Printers HP All in One

by Madeleine
(Sonoma County. CA)

Printers HP All in One

Printers HP All in One

Of all my printers, HP all-in-one Photo smart Premium TouchSmart Web, is by far the most engaging to use. It's a printer that is power-packed with useful features. I sometimes have to make a checklist of the things I'm supposed to do whenever I start using this printer. I like it very much that this printer can print documents I would be so proud to show off as evidence that I own one of the most efficient printers. HP all-in-one Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web provides me with a lot of creative ways that a printer can be used, not just print documents, print photos, scan and copy. There's a host of applications available I sometimes lose track of the time spend in my home office.

First off, I have to make sure that all the documents I need in letter-size are printed right-away or I'll never hear the end of it from my husband. I sort of act as his secretary for his extra-curricular activities as president of an agro-business group here in our community. The group's secretary can only work part-time, barely to enough time to keep up with the demands of the other members. Well anyway, since my husband bought this printer for the whole family's use, I offered my support to print his newsletters, thank you and appeals for support letters.

The part I like most is when I have to download information straight from the web. This is where I spend my time most. I checkout the web for new discount coupons which I could use for my next grocery trip. It's fun and amazing that I could print an exact likeness of the coupons. I don't think I could enjoy this feature in other printers. HP all-in-one Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web can be used to print from templates for greeting cards. I plan to send them out for these year?s holiday seasons and for friends and relatives who are about to have their birthdays. I can even buy movie tickets online and print their exact likeness. The kids just love it, we could go straight in once we arrive at the theater.

Photos, text documents, graphics, web prints are all easy to manage because of the HP all-in-one Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web's touch screen system. Everything is quite easy to follow, in fact, even during installations. The screen provides all the instructions and you don't have to be confused as to which instructions to follow since the most logical option to choose is already high lighted. All you need to do is touch the screen and everything will work out as programmed by the printer's software.

My daughter, who has her own PC in her room, can print her own stuff as well. She does so without having to take-up space with me here in the home office. The printer has a of provisions for memory cards and allows printing photos from it or directly from an iPhone.

These are all features not present in other multifunction printers. HP all-in-one Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web can carry out a lot of applications and can even in fact do it for you with the best of results.

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