Printers that Print on DVDs

by Matthew
(Salt lake City, Utah)

Printers that Print on DVDs

Printers that Print on DVDs

Using printers that print on DVDs and CDs directly is one of the greatest innovations printer manufacturers have come up with. Based on some research, it is said that the Bravo Printer was the first to come up with this kind of innovation. However, the leading brands picked-up from there and they came up with their own versions of printers that included this innovation.

I really dig advancements in technology. I was happy enough before that I was able to burn my own CDs and thus make my own copies of freebie favorites that I downloaded from the net. Soon enough I started receiving orders to print labels that looked exactly the same as the originals since my Epson Stylus Photo R340 is one of the best printers that print on DVDs or CDs.

I believe Epson has stopped manufacturing this kind of printer and the latter has been replaced with the one I'm using now, the All-in-One RX 595 Photo Stylus printer. It's a bit more expensive than the R340 but believe me, the price is all worth it. I've never had so much satisfaction with any other printer, than I've had and still having now with the All-in-One RX 595 Photo Stylus printer. It's great for printing everything that you need, from text documents, to photos, labels, greeting cards, scrapbooks, and most of all, it prints direct on DVDs or CDs. It has been more than two years since I bought this printer and it's still working well.

Using printers that print on DVDs or CDs directly presents a lot advantages. Whereas before, I had to deal with adhesive labels separately, both in buying and affixing them to the discs. Imagine, if you had several or even hundreds of labels to print, it was a tedious job altogether. In fact the old printer that I had using this obsolete technology, broke down due to adhesive labels that accidentally peeled-off. Fortunately, I discovered that there were printers that print on DVDs and CDs directly.

In using printers like these, what is important is to buy the ink jet printable discs and you can save a lot both in the costs and the time it will take you to process each disc. Since I'm using an Epson printer, I make it a point to buy and use only the Epson brand of ink jet printable discs. This is to make sure I get the highest quality. Otherwise, with a different make of printable surface which can be present in other brands, there's no guarantee that the output will be scratch and smudge free as well as have strong resistance to fading.

I went full-time with the business of labeling DVDs and CDs since the advent of video-cams also enabled capturing special events without the need to hire somebody else to do it for you. The only thing that was needed to cap it off was a professional looking label.

Most customers request that their photos be used to make the labels more personalized. Let's say the lead actor's photo image will be replaced with the customer's photo image. It's a cool and fun way of customizing and personalizing your DVDs and CDs. Others burned their own music playlists and wanted their own designs to appear on the labels.

Soon enough, through the use of different compatible software for disc labels I invested on, I was able to expand my services and my business. I also created the jewel cases along with the inserts and booklets, including the self-made music playlists complete with information about the artists and the albums.

The Epson All-in-One RX 595 Photo Stylus printer was the greatest match I could find because of its easy compatibility with a great range of DVD/CD labeler software. So if you're searching for printers that print on DVDs and CDs that can give you all the elements of professional looking DVD and CD labels, consider the All-in-One RX 595 Photo Stylus printer. It's simply the best printer that print on DVDs and CDs directly.

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