Samsung ML – 2525W Laser Printer Review

by Annie Enriquez - Advisor for

Samsung ML – 2525W laser printer review feedbacks have gained this simple monochrome laser printer a place among the editors’ favorite printers this year. This laser printer from Samsung is not costly coming below $100. It is useful both for business and home use and easy to set up with its three types of connections and produces high quality prints at a very high speed.
Samsung ML – 2525W laser printer is a durable and reliable high performance printer with a speed of 24 pages per minute and offers a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution that produces quality printing. It has a 12,000 page monthly printing capacity as well as a 250 sheet tray capacity input saving you time in replenishing paper on your printer. It works well with different kinds and sizes of paper.

The Samsung ML – 2525W laser printer provides an easy Ethernet and wireless connection that is easy to set up in different operating systems like Windows, Vista, Mac and Linux for as short as 5 minutes and provides high quality performance. Setting up is made easy with its step by step instructions.

The ML 2525 does not boasts of extra ordinary features like other laser printers but does good quality black and white text printing without bleeding although results may vary depending on the kind of paper you are using. The printing speed is really fast for both text and graphics.
The Samsung ML – 2525W features USB, Ethernet and wireless connections providing you different choices on how you want to use your laser printer.

Samsung ML – 2525W laser printer review gained this monochrome laser printer more positive feedbacks from experts. It may not have the extra ordinary features but it is convenient to use with maximum speed and high printing quality. Just like any other printer it does have its disadvantages like having a very costly ink cartridge that has a very small capacity.

Reviews from some users complain that it does not work well with Mac OS but others were able to use it with this operating system without any trouble. Another disadvantage of the Samsung ML – 2525W is its being a bit noisy when printing and heats up with prolonged use. Other reviews said that it is hard to wake up when it goes on a sleep mode and they either need to unplug it and plug it again for it to work or install new print software updates from Samsung’s website to make it functional. One of its biggest drawbacks is its after sales service. Samsung’s customer service is reported to be difficult.

The utmost feature of Samsung ML – 2525W is its price. The ink cartridge may be expensive but with the quality prints it produces you cannot ask for more with this simple laser printer that provides you quality printing and diverse network connections.

It is just not a basic printer but if you are looking for quality and volume printing for your home and office use buying this laser printer will suit your needs.

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