Samsung ML-2851ND Laser Printer

by Garth Lewis - Entrepreneur
(Abingdon, Illinois)

Samsung ML-2851ND

Samsung ML-2851ND

If I did not read the reviews about Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer, I would not have considered it at all as a likely candidate. However, most of the reviews I have read about it have a lot of good things to say about this printer machine. I sort of developed a trust for reviews, especially if it did not hide the flaws of the product. This way, I was able to decide whether the shortcomings of the product could affect my purpose in buying it. Here are the good things about Samsung that convinced me:

1. The Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer is affordable. I read from this site that the price of this printer was only $160. It was even lower, because I got mine from Amazon for only $140.

2. Fifteen out of fifteen reviews I have read confirmed that this Samsung ML-2851ND can print very well and at great speed. So this was another plus point for this printer machine.

3. Twelve out of the fifteen reviews affirmed that the graphic prints from this printer machine can be marred by smudges and vertical lines. However, in my own experience the smudges appeared only if I used it for heavy graphic printing. Considering its price, and how economical the machine is with toner use, I made my own adjustments. I tried not to accept work that required heavy graphic printing.

I maintain honesty with my customers that my machine has not been upgraded yet for heavy graphic printing. This does not affect my business but in fact assured my clients even more because they have learned to trust me. They still bring their business to me and encourage me to upgrade so they do not have to go to another printer for their heavy graphics. Actually, I am in the process of looking for a printer that can meet those standards.

4. This Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer was faulted for not having a USB or Ethernet cable. All I can say is that, for a printer as good as this one, and at a very affordable cost from $140 - $160, the cost of a USB cable could not be much of a fault.

5. It requires some good knowledge in configuring the PC and printer set ups for wireless connections. When I bought the needed USB and Ethernet cables, getting a wireless connection became the least of my problems. To date, I still do not know how to configure the printer and PC but my business is picking up well.

I am glad for product reviews. They are factual and can really help the buyer decide wisely. This site described Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer as "forgettable" in appearance, which is very true. I did not give it my attention when I first saw it because it did not seem to be high-tech and impressive. One thing I learned about machines though, the simpler and more basic the features, the easier to troubleshoot them.

By the way, that is another thing; the Samsung tech support I got was really very helpful. As I said, things are pretty basic with this Samsung ML-2851ND laser printer, hence, I never had a hard time describing and explaining to the tech support about the problems I encountered. Actually, the answers were all in the manual, I just did not know where to look for them.

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