Samsung ML-2851ND

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Samsung ML-2851ND

Samsung ML-2851ND

The Samsung ML-2851ND is one of the many Samsung laser printers that have received good feedback from its users. This Samsung printer model draws most of its appeal not only from its affordable price but also from its dependable features. Actually, small to medium sized businesses have found great use for this Samsung laser printer that can print out text documents and light graphics at an agreeable speed.

Physically, Samsung ML-2851ND is not impressive; in fact, forgettable is how some would describe Samsung if physical features are the issues to dwell on. The machine is plain and square with a single power on button, an LCD as power indicator and another LCD for print status. Two trays are available one for single sheet feed and another to hold 250 sheet feeds. Samsung is really quite basic when it comes to laser printer functions and its added feature, the built-in duplexer, gives it the much needed lift to make it one of the well received Samsung laser printers.

This Samsung printer can be connected to a PC using a USB 2.0 cable. Like most of the Samsung laser printers, you can easily install the driver in a host computer. By using an Ethernet cable, you can connect from the printer to the router and add two more computers to network with the host computer. If you are knowledgeable in configuring set ups, networking by way of wireless router is possible although this particular aspect is not received well by the more demanding sector of users.

Adjustments for resolutions are provided in the driver options along with other requirements such as layout, watermark, and overlay including duplexer functions. As a bonus, shipment comes with a standard toner cartridge that can produce 2,000 pages.

You can find good technical support via one-year warranty and toll-free phone lines for technical assistance. You can find comprehensive manual guides, FAQ and other downloadable items like drivers and firmware updates.

Clearly, this Samsung ML-2851ND is not a let down to represent the many Samsung laser printers offered by the company for small to medium scale businesses.

Samsung ML-2851ND Review - Advantages

1. Typical of Samsung laser printers, the Samsung ML-2851ND is affordably priced for as low as $160.

2. Crisp text at great speed and while graphics and PowerPoint presentations are of good quality.

3. Equipped with a very useful option to enhance text prints either as Print all Text to Black or Print All Text to Darken.

4. The text enhancement option is supported by a toner save mode to allow lower toner consumption and save on toner by as much as 40%.

Samsung ML-2851ND Review - Disadvantages

1. Graphic productions for heavy graphic printing can be marred with smudges as well as gradations of lines running vertically and horizontally.

2. To enable it to work wireless, the user must have some knowledge in configuring printer and PC set ups.

3. Considering that its basic connectivity technology is wired, the lack of USB or Ethernet cables upon shipment is clearly a disadvantage.

The Samsung ML-2851ND comes highly recommended as business equipment for fairly small demands on text prints and non intensive graphic prints.

Like most of the Samsung laser printers, the Samsung ML-2851ND is affordably priced and is capable of producing good quality text prints and graphics at a speed that can outdo its closest competitors. The Samsung ML-2851ND via USB or Ethernet cable is capable of providing a networking environment.

All features important for a small or medium business to operate with smoothness when it comes to their printing requirements can be found in this Samsung laser printer.

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