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When it comes to electronics and high quality products, Japanese brands lead the way and this is evident in the devices featured in Sharp Printers 2011. They are known for their reliability and superb performance. This is due to the fact that in producing these printers, this company undergoes a global development process wherein all departments, namely, management, business development, R & D, marketing and service teams work together throughout all stages. This makes their products consistent in their quality of features and functions.

Sharp Printers 2011 features multifunctional printers that meet different printer requirements in both mono and color. They all come with a familiar design that makes them easy to operate, whatever model of printer it may be. They are cost efficient since they come with low running costs. Printing and copying with enhanced resolution and microfine toner, that is exclusive to Sharp, brings about high quality output of both text and images. Copies of documents are sharp and images are vibrant in color. It would be hard to distinguish from the original.

1. Sharp MX-C400P and MX-B400P

Sharp MX-C400P and MX-B400P are printers that are suitable for work groups that require large volume printing such as an output of 5,000 to 8,000 pages on a monthly basis. These devices can produce up to 4x of what conventional printers can do. They belong to Sharp’s MX series and they all have the same construction, making use of the same engine, supplies, print controller, items for maintenance, paper trays and finish.

These printers offer low cost of ownership with their easy to replace cartridges. They, also, come with versatile designs that are expandable. They can handle 2,100 sheets each. With their capabilities, they are suitable in environments that provide appropriate space.

Sharp MX-C400P and MX-B400P are created with the OSA technology that allows them to have full networking capabilities so they can be connected to a range of applications such as programs, reporting functions and applications for managing documents.

These devices support simple work flow with their Direct Print function. This lets a user print, directly, without the use of a computer or laptop. Sharp MX-C400P and MX-B400P have a fast print speed of 40 pages per minute, a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and an 80GB HDD. It comes with a 4.3” color display.

2. Sharp MX-C312SC, Sharp MX-B382 and Sharp MX-382SC

Sharp MX-C312SC, Sharp MX-B382 and Sharp MX-382SC are the newest multifunctional printers that come with a 4.3”colored LCD touchscreen panel that is simple to use. They produce exceptional mono and color prints at the least amount of time. They have good paper handling, especially, when it comes to A4 size papers. Sharp MX-C312SC is different from the 2 other printers in the way that it is a full color multifunctional printer.

Sharp MX-C312SC prints its first page in 8.5 seconds in color and 6.5 seconds in mono while Sharp MX-B382 prints in 8 seconds. Optimal image quality is produced with its Mycrostoner HG toner. When it comes to other functions, they can scan, fast, in a range of sizes and forms including credit cards, business cards and licenses. With Sharp’s OCA technology, each system solution is controlled, so, connectivity from and to various multifunctional printing devices, is improved and maximized.

These printers have a 500 sheet standard capacity tray and a 100 sheet optional capacity tray. They have a compact size, making them, easily, fit in offices with limited space. They are preferred by most offices and business firms.

Summary of Sharp Printers 2011

Sharp MX-C400P, MX-B400P, Sharp MX-C312SC, Sharp MX-B382 and Sharp MX-382SC are the choices featured in Sharp Printers 2011. They come with attributes that are evident of Sharp’s advanced technologies. They are efficient in meeting the printing needs of most offices and businesses.

Having several functions in their compact design make them cost-effective. With their high quality printouts of both text and images, many may consider switching to any of these types of printing devices.

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