Specialty Printers: Unusual and Innovative

by Ghinda
(Quezon City, Philippines)

When you are fond of unusual gadgets, you would, definitely, want to own some specialty printers available in the market today. Though portable , photo, label and all-in-one printers specialize in their respective fields, they seem to look ordinary when placed side by side with some other extraordinary printers.

It is just natural for people to think of printers in their usual form and their typical function of printing on paper by means of ink. It comes as a surprise that they can, also, be used in a creative manner. They can print on unusual canvasses making use of other things, other than ink.

Here are some of the most innovative and at the same time, creative, specialty printers:

1. Printbrush

This is, considerably, the smallest portable printer in the world that is capable of printing on full size paper. It has a full color resolution of 1200 dpi. It works at a maximum speed of 400mm/second.

Running on the Random Movement Printing Technology, you can download pictures, information, internet content and whatever you like to print on the Printbrush, with the help of a Bluetooth device. Once you move the Printbrush across a surface of any print media, you can, easily, get a printout.

2. CNC Toast Printer

This kind of printer is, totally, innovative since it can print designs on your toasted bread. This unit works like an inkjet printer in coming out with printouts while toasting. It makes use of an optical sensor that prints with a resolution of 12 pixel x 12 pixel dpi. Its memory can hold up to 12 images, enabling you to have different designs on your bread.

3. HP sp400 Handheld All-In-One Scanner/Printer

This is one of the specialty printers that can, also, scan barcodes and send the data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to laptops or other systems. Then, it prints out non-toxic labels in just a matter of time. This can prove to be efficient in industries since it boosts labor productivity while it cuts on operation costs.

4. The Egg Printer

An egg is a difficult canvass to print on because of its curve shape. Before, we can paint only simple designs on eggs to give on Easter Sunday. Now, an egg printer can make it possible to have a portrait printed on it.

5. The CandyFab 4000

This revolutionary printer was designed to print random 3 dimensional products from a most unlikely source, that is, granulated sugar. With a process known as SHASAM, (selective hot air sintering and melting), a ray of hot air turns sugar granules to its liquid form to bring about 3D projects.

6. Polaroid Zink Printer

This is an inkless mobile printer that helps you print photos as you please, wherever you are. It makes use of a special paper that has ink in it. When you print a photo, the heat coming from the printer melts the print cartridge until the image appears.

Although we may find most of these specialty printers rather unusual, we can’t deny that the features they have never fail to catch our interest.

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