Star Micronics Thermal Printers

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Star Micronics Thermal Printers

Star Micronics Thermal Printers

The retail market is in need of thermal printers that are fast and efficient and Star Micronics Thermal Printers offer solutions that meet the different printing requirements of every business of this type. With their simple to set-up and use features plus the high speed transactions they come up with, there is reduced customer waiting time leading to more satisfied clientele.

Star Micronics Thermal Printers comes with innovative software technology that allows you to give emphasis on your brand with the logos and vouchers that come with it.

1. Star TSP100ECO Thermal Printer

Star TSP100ECO Thermal Printer is considered as the world’s first ECO POS printer with its wide range of environmental benefits. As compared to other Star printing devices, it has a unique paper saving feature that lets you save on 70% of receipt paper. This suggests, also, less change of paper rolls resulting to lower costs in logistics and transportation.

It comes with a small footprint of 142 mm W x 204 mm D x 132 mm H and a weight of 1.73 kg, making it an ideal space saver. It makes use of direct line thermal printing. It comes with a fast speed of 28 RPM (revolutions per minute) and can print 30 six-inch lines per minute with a print resolution of 203 dpi. It has a 2-color capability of red & black, blue & black and green & black. From its sleep mode, you can print, instantly, with no waiting time, at all.

TSP100ECO is convenient with its easy to use aspects. You are ready to print with everything that comes with this device: installation software, instructions, needed cables and a kit for wall mounting. It, also, has drop in paper loading and an automatic cutter. Furthermore, it has the ability to replace unwanted text with other words or white space.

TSP100GT has a splash proof cover that protects it from spills or debris that are unavoidable in some environments such as kitchens. It has a vertical stand in case you want it, facing the customer. It, also, comes with a kitchen buzzer which makes it convenient to use in a noisy workplace. This gives an alert every time an order has been sent.

2. Star TSP100GT Thermal Printer

Star TSP100GT is a direct line thermal printer that prints with a high speed of 45 RPM and a resolution of 203 dpi. It measures 142 mm W x 204 mm D x 132 mm H. Though it is, already, a space saver with its small size, you can still add more space by mounting it on a wall. It is available in 2 models, namely, Tear Bar or Auto Cutter which weighs 1.59 kg and 1.76 kg., respectively.

Everything you need to set-up this printer such as software, parts and accessories come in an all-in-one box. It is easy to use with its drop in and print paper loading. It comes with 2-color printing that highlights vital information. With this device, you can easily redesign the receipts you want to print by adding logos or enhancing bar codes. It has a USB interface.

TSP100GT has a cover that locks over the printer, shielding it from liquids and other foreign objects. Its vertical stand can serve as an advertising tool while its buzzer comes in handy in noisy environments.

3. Star TSP700II Thermal Printer

Star TSP700II is a direct line thermal printer that is ideal for retail businesses that require high volume printing such as groceries, lotteries, banks, restaurants and healthcare establishments. It prints fast at 48 six-inch receipts per minute. To create eye catching prints that are suitable for logos or coupons, it comes with a double resolution of 203 x 203 dpi for vertical and 406 x 203 dpi for horizontal.

It is easy to use and operate. Its spill proof design keeps it safe from moisture and debris that can cause harm to it. It is capable of storing logos for enhancing receipts. It has USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet and WiFi connectivity, letting you share printer with other computers within the system.

TSP700II features its own vertical stand and kitchen buzzer plus many more. These include swappable interfaces and a mobile auto supply that allows the user to print while travelling. This applies to law enforcement tickets and the like.

Summary of Star Micronics Thermal Printers

TSP100ECO, TSP100GT and TSP700II are some of top models of Star Micronics Thermal Printers that present a wide range of features and levels of performance to fit any application in retail business. They offer reliability with their high speeds and efficiency with their print resolutions. With additional attributes they come with, it does not come much as a surprise that several known retail outlets favor them over other brands of receipt printers.

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