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Toner Cartridges A toner cartridge is the heart of a laser printer. Toner is a word that refers to a powder used by printers and photocopiers to render texts and images onto paper. In essence, it is basically carbon powder. Toner can print a lot of images and texts efficiently and economically.

Since toner comes in powder form, they are encased in toner cartridges that are created to work with laser printers, as opposed to inkjet printers that utilize inks in liquid forms. Toner is known as an economical printing material to use, which is why laser printers are better able than inkjet printers in printing high-volume documents at low cost and top speeds.

There are now a lot of laser printers being used since the price of the printers decreased. Due to the high capabilities and printing efficiency of laser printers, a lot of offices and corporate users prefer laser printers over inkjet printers. And just as ink cartridge replacements and refills are widely available in the market, toner replacements can also be bought from many sources.

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Some important points to note when buying toner cartridges:

  • Types of Toner Replacements Available
  • Where to Buy Toner Cartridge Replacements
  • Choosing Stores

1. Types of Toner Replacements Available

Toner cartridges come in both monochrome and color. There are laser printers that use only black toner and can print only black and white documents, but there are also laser printers that use colored toners for color laser printing.  So if you have a laser printer, you can buy black cartridges as well as colored toner, such as cyan, magenta, and yellow. You can also buy them in cartridge packs if you need replacements for all the toner you need. You can also buy drum toner drum units if that’s what you need.

2. Where to Buy Toner Cartridge Replacements

Toner cartridges are widely available, especially on the Internet. If you want to buy high-quality cartridges at reasonable prices and credibility you can rely on, you can go to,,, and, among many other stores. These stores offer cartridges for various brands and models of printers, from Xerox laser printers, Lexmark printers, HP, Canon, Epson, and several other brands.

SuperMediaStore, for instance, provides a list of printer brands, and breaks them down into lists of printer models ranging from desktop laser printers and multifunction printers with available cartridges. Under each model, they offer lists of available cartridges. Some of their products are remanufactured, but they also have cartridges that are original.

3. Choosing Toner Stores

There are many stores that provide toner replacements, so you have to wisely choose a store to buy from. Look for stores that provide reasonable prices and purchase guarantees. And make sure to check the store’s credibility so you can be sure that you are buying original printer toner replacements.  But of course, the best way is still to buy directly from the brands that you trust.

Also, before you make any decision to buy, check the prices and the shipping details, so you can also take this into consideration.

Use Only Original Laser Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges come in many different types, so it is important that you choose the cartridge that’s right for your printer. Make sure that your cartridge is perfectly compatible with your printer, and the only way to ensure this is to buy original cartridges from your printer manufacturer and buy the specific toner for your printer. Although there are many ways to save on your toner replenishment, most of the time, saving by buying remanufactured cartridges or getting toner refills can actually cost you more than when you buy a high-quality and reliable original toner cartridge.

So don’t take the big risk, and don’t put your printer at risk of getting damaged due to the wrong cartridge. Go for the original replacement supplies to get value for your money.

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