Top Canon Home Photo Printers 2011

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Top Canon Home Photo Printers 2011

Top Canon Home Photo Printers 2011

Consumers who are looking for home photo printers that produce photo lab quality pictures can look to the direction of the Top Canon Home Photo Printers 2011. These printing devices are compact so they can, easily, be situated just about anywhere. Despite their small size, they come with high quality features that exceed those of high end printers. They make use of a dye-sublimation technology and a ribbon cartridge that makes it possible to print on glossy paper and come up with exceptionally stunning pictures. You can, easily, touch pictures as soon as they are printed without causing stains on them. This is, since, the image is heat sealed on the photo paper with a protective layer.

Top Canon Home Photo Printers 2011 give options of different models to meet home printing needs. There is, certainly, one for someone who is new to printing photos at home. These models come with a calendar function that makes you use images in 12 different layouts and an option to add borders to your photos. They have print effects that make your pictures look either nostalgic or modern. You can, also, add clipart to your mementos. In case you need passport size photos, you can print them with ease. Furthermore, you can make your own scrapbook and diary with several layout functions provided by these printers.

1. Canon Selphy CP 780 Printer is the printer you need when it is your first time to try printing photos at home. It is compact with dimensions 176 x 132 x 75.6 mm and a weight of 0.9 kg and comes with a colour viewer of 2.5”. A 4” x 6” picture prints at a speed of 47 seconds.

The Canon Selphy CP 780 Printer is easy to use and prints photos of high quality. It is capable of printing directly from a memory card and a mobile phone by means of infrared or Bluetooth Unit BU-30. There are 4 options to print your photos: in mono, vivid, neutral or sepia.

This printer is compatible with Windows 2000 SP4/XP(SP2) and Mac OSX(10.3.9 or later) operating systems.

2. Canon Selphy CP 770 Printer is known as the Selphy Bucket since it looks exactly like one. This includes the cords, cartridge and paper cassette in one convenient package which is the optimum in portability. Therefore, you can take this bucket anywhere to print, without the risk of loosing the items. This printer comes with 3” color viewer. It weighs 1.06 kg and measures 248 x 156.4 x 77.3 mm. A 4” x 6” picture prints at a speed of 52 seconds.

Everything else about the Canon Selphy CP 770 Printer is very much the same as CP 780 with regards to the printing from sources, options to print photos and operating systems it is compatible with.

3. Canon Selphy ES 30 Printer, named as the Selphy Jukebox, weighs 2.97 kg and measures 282 x 205 x 305mm. It is the most creative among all Selphy printers since it offers the widest array of options. You can trim photos to fit into your picture frames, calendars and other layouts. You can use gold and silver printing for photos with the optimum quality. It has a print speed of 52 seconds for a 4” x 6” picture.

4. Canon Selphy ES 3 Printer is the Selphy Jukebox Advanced printer which, as its name connotes, has additional features of the ES30. It has the same weight and measurement as the Selphy Jukebox Printer and has the same print speed for a 4” x 6” photo.

The ES 3 has all the attributes of the ES 30 with an additional internal memory wherein photos and creative designs are, automatically, saved. Whenever you want the designs you chose in past print jobs, you don’t need to recreate them. You just have to scroll through the past images.

Summary of Canon Home Photo Printers 2011 features the Canon Selphy CP 780, CP 770, ES 30 and ES 3 which are all versatile printers that can be used at home. They are user friendly and have the capability of printing straight from sources such as memory cards and mobile phones.

Best of all, they provide the best quality pictures that Canon is known for, plus the innovation in creative designs. This gives importance to your most treasured memories.

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