Toshiba TEC Barcode Printers

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 Toshiba TEC Barcode Printer Review

Toshiba TEC Barcode Printer Review

If you are looking for a barcode printer to suit your business needs, you can rely on Toshiba TEC Barcode Printers. They are considered as one of the best in the world. For this reason, they have been chosen by Fortune 500 countries and other well known companies.

Toshiba TEC Barcode Printers offer high quality printing at a low price. They come with exceptional features that make them stand out like Ribbon Save, Easy Two-Ribbon-Core media loading and Near-edge Printhead technology. The latter is the fastest way to print via thermal transfer. All these attributes give them the advantage over conventional printing devices.

1. Toshiba B-SX4 Barcode Printer

Toshiba B-SX4 Barcode Printer makes use of direct thermal technology. It comes in a heavy duty industrial steel casing. It is easy to use with its new wide opening mechanism that gives better access to printhead, paper path, sensors and platen. It has a print speed of 10 in./sec and a print width of 4.09”. It provides high quality printing with its resolution of 203 dpi.

This printer incorporates the Near-edge printhead technology and the Optional Ribbon Save. It has 2 serial ports: Bi-Directional Parallel Port and an optional USB port.

Toshiba B-SX4 Barcode Printer is ideal for different applications such as food sector, manufacturing, auto industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, electronics industry, telecommunications and others.

2. Toshiba B-SX5 Barcode Printer

Toshiba B-SX5 Barcode Printer comes with thermal transfer or direct thermal technoloty. It measures 11.46" W x 18.11" D x 12.13" H and weighs 41.89 lbs. It enables you to print a large volume of barcode labels. With its new wide opening mechanism, you can, easily, load paper and clean it since you have an improved access to printhead, paper path and sensors.

It prints up to 8” per second with a 5.02” print width. It has a print resolution of 305 dpi that gives high quality output. It makes use of Ribbon Save Standard and Near-edge printhead technology. It, also, has a Bi-Directional Parallel Port and an optional USB port.

It provides advanced performance in a wide range of industries like manufacturing, auto, pharmaceutical, chemical, telecommunications and electronics.

Toshiba B-SX5 Barcode Printer lets you have high quality printing at a low cost of ownership.

3. Toshiba B-472 Barcode Printer

Toshiba B-472 Barcode Printer is a heavy duty printer that can handle a volume of tags and stocks. Though it is stylish to be used in offices, its hard steel casing makes it, also, suitable in factories, shipping industries and warehouses.

It provides a high print speed of 10 “per second and a resolution of 203 dpi. It prints a width up to 4”. It is easy to use with its operator controls, its 16 character LCD display that displays printer status and its line of software products. You can print labels in different quantities with its batch file processing.

Toshiba B-472 Barcode Printer is versatile with its ability to print tags in any size of thickness. It can print in either direct or thermal transfer modes. Text characters come in a various sizes ranging from small to large block and OCR.

4. Toshiba B-SA4TP Barcode Printer

Toshiba B-SA4TP Barcode Printer is a compact printer that provides the functions of an industrial printer. It measures 244mm W x 319mm D x 366mm H and weighs 12.7 kgs. Its high speed printing of 6” per second, with a print resolution of 300 dpi, increases productivity in a workplace.

This printer offers the ease of use of a desktop printing device with its easy handling features that make you save on time. It is simple to maintain with its tool-less replacement of printhead and platen. It is versatile to fit in any environment. It comes with Serial and Parallel interfaces. Its networking capabilities allows printer sharing among multiple computers within the network.

Summary of Toshiba TEC Barcode Printers

Toshiba TEC Barcode Printers feature printing devices that provide high speed and high quality of printing with the advanced features, exclusive to Toshiba, a trusted name in terms of electronic devices, printers included. Toshiba B-SX4, B-SX5, B-472 and B-SA4TP Barcode Printers provide printing solutions for different industries. Their unique attributes enhance efficiency and productivity in any workplace.

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