What Is the Most Efficient Printer?

by Ghinda
(Quezon City, Philippines)

Since almost every home has a computer, desktop or laptop, it is just practical to own an efficient printer. This is so you can print documents that you type or articles and pictures that you download on your computer. Nowadays, this is a necessity for students and office workers.

With the different brands and several models that are available in the market, it would be quite difficult to choose the most efficient printer. With the latest in innovation and technology, companies have come up with several astounding features in addition to the quality of pictures they print and their speed.

Since you can only do so much to try them out, you can only depend on the recommendations of friends and relatives. Furthermore, you can check out the online reviews of the different brands and models.

Inkjet photo printers are the most popular when it comes to photo quality. From the time these were introduced, the same brands of this type of printers have continued to lead the pack.

Here are the models of the leading brands of inkjet photo printers with their respective features that have garnered very good reviews:

• Epson Workforce 40 color printer

I consider this to be the most efficient printer for those who own small offices. It is noted for its speed which matches the requirement of office workers. I find the price very reasonable since it is comparable to the least expensive HP photo printer and Dell options. Most consumers like the USB and Ethernet capacity of this printer.

• HP Inkjet Printer

I trust the name Hewlett Packard as one of the leading inkjet printer and the two HP models that do their jobs well are the HP Photosmart C6180AIO and the HP Office Jet.

• Brother MultiFunction 6490 CW Ink jet printer

I didn’t know that Brother had its own version of inkjet printer and I was not sure if this had good quality that is comparable to the more known brands. I know that this brand’s expertise is typewriters.

It turns out to be that its MFC ink jet model is not only one of the least expensive among printers, it also boasts of remarkable features. What I think they should improve, though, is their customer service to match the quality of their products.

Among the multifunctional printers, the following are the top of the line:

• HP Photosmart Premium Fax C309

I agree that this printer is one of the best all-in-one printer-scanner when it comes to performance and the quality of print is very good, especially, for pictures. However, I find it too bulky.

• Epson Workforce 610

I find this multifunctional printer remarkable with all the features it has in its compact size. Usually, printers that have a built in fax are bulky but this one is definitely not.

• Canon Pixma MP990

I regard this as the most efficient printer when it comes to photo printing. I am amazed at its ability to scan and copy 35 mm film and slides. It also has a 3.8 inch LCD screen for photo viewing and editing. It can also print on CDs and DVDs. It does not have a fax, though, so I don’t think it is useful in an office setting.

• Canon Pixma MP490

I consider this to be the best bargain among all-in-one printers because of the quality of printing, its copying features and above all, its very low price. Besides, it is user friendly.

• Brother MFC-6490CW

This is the pricey all-in-one printer offer of Brother which can remarkably print on tabloid-sized paper. I guess this is more useful to those who need to print flyers, menus, brochures and newsletters. The downside is that it is slow in printing.

• Brother MFC-7840W

I like this all-in-one printer, particularly, for the print quality of its scan. I must say that the printing is fast. However, what I don’t like about is that it does not automatically print on both sides of the page.

I hope I have given you an idea of what efficient printer to go for. It is just a matter of perspective and, naturally, it also depends on your budget.

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