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In this fast-paced world, finding the best high speed printer is a must, especially when it comes to office printers.

High speed printers are best used in medium to large business offices where the printers are shared and where mass printing cannot be avoided. Shared printers should have amazing speeds so as to avoid long queuing time for documents and to prevent paper jams.

And in an office, you sometimes need to print a lot of documents such as brochures, flyers, minutes of meetings, and a lot more. When you do that, a high-speed printer optimized for mass printing would do very well for you.

But when choosing a high speed printer, the speed is not the only thing you should consider.

How to Find the Best Rated Speed Printer

Best High Speed Printer The best high speed printer can be hard to find.

Consider especially :

  • Printer speed at black vs color prints
  • Paper capacity

1. Speed At Black vs Color Prints

When looking for a printer that can easily keep up with the rapid movement in your corporate office, you should consider the print speed, paper capacity, and price. The print speed varies for black and colored printing in most models.

You need to consider what you will need the printer for. Will you be using it for black printing and won’t mind if color printing takes longer? Or you want both black and color printing in high speed?

And given the prices of printers these days, check the price and the overall value that you get from the printer. Paper capacity is another concern.

2. Paper Capacity

For a high speed printer to achieve rapid, undisturbed and even unattended printing, your printer should have a large paper capacity.

If you carefully choose the best rated high speed printer, you will surely get a lot of benefits such as increased efficiency and productivity, undisturbed processes and tasks, unattended printing, as well as budget concerns.

Brands that Compete for the Best Rated High Speed Printer Award

Top brands have their own representative models to compete for the high speed printer award.

Look Into Hp, Canon and Brother

HP and Canon are both great brands that you should look into when looking for a high speed printer. Both leaders in innovation, they have made it a point to come out with rapid printers that can handle high-volume printing as well as high-quality printing.

Brother is also another brand that continuously innovates to provide printers that can meet your high-speed demands. Be sure to check out these brands when looking for the best rated high speed printer around.

The Best High Speed Printer According to Reviews

When it comes to basic printing, laser printers get rave reviews in terms of speed.

1. HP Laserjets

The HP LaserJet models are great high speed printers with powerful performance and excellent quality even at break-neck speeds. These printers are also able to handle high-volume printing, which makes it great for office use. There are also other office printers with impressive speeds.

2. Canon : iR C3580i

Canon recently released its iR C3580i, a rapid and robust printer that spits out prints at a speed of 35 ppm for monochrome printing and 30 ppm for color printing. Both are industry standards.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro K5400

But HP has managed to exceed that with its HP OfficeJet Pro K5400 Printer Series, with 36 ppm speeds for black and 35 ppm speeds for colored printing, both breakthrough speeds.

This combination is currently the titleholder for the best rated high speed printer print speed. Turning to photo printing, speeds are a bit slower since inkjet technology is often used.

Canon achieved 21-second printing of borderless 4” x 6” photos, an industry breakthrough in photo printing.

But as of the moment, what is dubbed as the world’s fastest inkjet printer is still in the works under the Brother brand. Brother Industries Ltd. has come out with a printer with modified print heads that can print up to 170 pages per minute, as shown in demonstrations.

Once released, this printer will most likely have formed a completely new technology all to itself.

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