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Finding the Perfect Printer for Home Use

The best home printers are perfect partners for the most demanding home users. Unlike in buying a printer for an office, in which case you pretty much know what types of print jobs you will be printing, shopping for a home printer puts you in an arena full of blind spots. You just won’t have any way of knowing what types of print jobs may unexpectedly come up.

That’s why the best home printer is not just about how small and light it is, or how affordable it is, as most people would think so. It’s about how many types of print jobs it can tackle, be it book reports, thesis papers, invitations, thank you cards, greeting cards, and even some pictures.

And since the home user does not earn like businesses do, a home printer should also be economical and affordable, both in purchase price and in operation costs.

There are a lot of home printers around, and they vary greatly in prices. There are entry-level printers great for budget-conscious home users and there are high-end models for those looking for feature-packed printers. Home printers can also either be a laser printer or more commonly, an inkjet printer.

Whatever your needs and preferences may be, there is surely a best home printer perfect for you.

Features of the Best Home Printers

Some of the features that differentiate the best home printers from others are:

  • Home Printer Resolution
  • Connectivity
  • Paper Handling

Best Home Printers1. Home Printer Resolution

If you think you’re going to be printing a lot of colored prints using your home printer, one of the first things you need to check is the print resolution. The resolution refers to the number of dots printed per inch. A good print resolution would really come in handy for printing colored documents, especially photos. Canon and Epson inkjet printers are really great in this area.

2. Connectivity

Connectivity is also a great feature for home printers. This is not just about how you connect the printer to your computer. In that aspect, a printer with a USB 2.0 would work great for most desktop computers and laptops. Other than that type of connectivity, however, it would also great if your printer can connect to a lot of other things.

A home printer does not really require network connectivity, so you should focus more on other connectivity options, such as memory card slots, flash drive ports, and PictBridge ports. A lot of brands offer printers with these standard connectivity features, but there are also some Canon models with infrared and Bluetooth connectivity that provides greater mobility.

3. Paper Handling

Home printers should also have varied paper handling options. Since you are expecting to print various types of documents using your home printer, it would be safe to assume that you’d probably have to use different types of paper, from photo paper, glossy paper, sticker paper, cards, envelopes, and so many other types.

High-end models can have duplexing and auto document feeders, especially for all-in-ones, but for a basic home printer, you just need compatibility with various paper types and sizes.

The Best Home Printers on the Market

Every brand known in the printer industry boasts of great home printers. If you are checking out HP printers, you might want to look into the DeskJet series, which is built for home users, particularly the DeskJet D2360, a color inkjet printer that is basic but functional.

The printer is compact and looks great; is easy to use and works quite fast. It can print up to 20 monochrome pages per minute and 14 pages in full color. Another one is the DeskJet F4180 that you can see a short video of to the right below here.

Color documents are brightly and sharply rendered, so colored school projects with graphics are no problem at all. The printer accommodates paper from 10 x 15 cm to 14 and uses great HP inks.

Canon, however, tops that with the Pixma series, especially the Pixma iP3600, a new addition to the celebrated series.

This is one impressive printer, with individual inks, a PictBridge port, computer-less printing, and an unsurpassed 9600 x 2400 dpi color resolution. Lexmark also offers the Z2420, one of the top models in its Lexmark Home and Student Series.

The affordable printer even comes with wireless connectivity, plus a 25 ppm/18 ppm print speed, 4800 x 120 dpi, Accu-feed technology for jam-less printing, and Lexmark Productivity Studio software for photo manipulation and editing.

Those are just few of the best home printers on the market. Just make sure to do a lot of comparisons before deciding on the best home printer for you.

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