Canon S9000 Printer
A Large-Format Photo Printer with a Lot to Boast Of

canon-s9000  The Canon S9000 printer powerfully combines speed, excellent color capture, and undeniable quality in just one machine built to meet a myriad of printing needs, even those as large as 13” x 19”. Canon, as always, outsmarted itself with this Bubble jet printer.

This is the perfect desktop printer to keep your professional computer company. Although not necessarily built for high-volume printing, this is a great option as a business-based photo printer, which can allow you to print your own posters with no problem at all. Aside from that, the printer’s strongest suit is its speed, so printing will hardly affect your timeline.

When Canon first released this model, people had a high demand for A3 printers but during that time, there weren’t that many models like this yet. But even now, as A3 and other large-format printers continue to increase in number, the S9000 continues to reign.

Most A3 printers focus more on paper handling and print speed, or they are mostly simple monochrome and color printers. The S9000, however, has one over all the other large-format models out there. It is a photo printer, complete with a special photo printing technology dedicated to printing the finest prints.

The Anatomy of a Canon S9000 Printer

The Canon s9000 has several features :

  • Its Canon Photo Printer Technology
  • The s9000 Color System

1. The Technology that Moves the Canon S9000 Printer

With exceptional speed, the Canon S9000 printer is a notable photo printer known for its large-format printing capability. Even in large formats, the printer works quite fast. The quality of prints cannot be questioned; it is downright professional, and leaves nothing for you to complain about.

To give your prints the vibrant color and precise capture of details and exact coloring you need, the printer uses a six-color ink system, supported by a 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution.

2. Pixma s9000 Color System

The color system is especially designed for photo printing. It consists of a Cyan ink, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Photo Cyan, and Photo Magenta, all encased in individual ink tanks for economical replenishment. Although the resolution is not the best possible resolution around, it is still one of the best resolutions in products within the range of the Canon S9000 printer.

The ink system also comes with a print head equipped with 3,072 nozzles, as part of Canon’s Advanced MicroFine Droplet Technology. This is a great option for businesses looking for a way to do their minor photo or poster printing needs internally. The best thing, of course, is that at this range of price and speed, this printer’s print quality is by far the best.

s9000 Review : What Can You Print?

Paper handling is versatile. The printer can handle various paper sizes ranging from 4” x 6” photos to large 13” x 19” posters. The 4” x 6” photos will look like traditional photos in a borderless format, and can come out of the printer in just 37 seconds. If you want to print 8R photos, you don’t even have to go to a printing lab.

You can simply print 8” x 10” photos in just under 1 minute with the Canon S9000 printer. And the machine itself won’t limit you, especially with its 100-sheet paper feeder. The printer can also produce excellent prints on glossy paper, glossy cards, photo paper, high-gloss photo paper, high-resolution photo paper, and even transparencies and envelopes.

What You’ll Get from a Canon S9000 Printer

To make your printing even easier, the Canon S9000 printer also come in a complete bundle of software, including the PhotoRecord, ImageBrowser for Mac, ZoomBrowser for PC, and the PhotoStitch for PC and Mac. These software applications can help make your prints look brighter and more enhanced.

Aside from that, the printer is packed with a USB interface for hassle-free and easy connectivity in both PC and Mac computers. Buying the Canon S9000 is like taking home an exceptional printer package.

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