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Everything You Need in a Photo Printer

Canon pixma iP8500 The Canon Pixma iP8500 is yet another masterpiece from Canon. Belonging to the Pixma series alone is enough recognition for this printer model to be noticed, but it sure does more than just parade in front of consumers in all its outer glory. This model is one of Canon’s bests, especially in the photo printing industry. This is clearly more than just a printer; it’s a professional printing lab machine in disguise, encased in a far smaller body than its quality speaks of.

But what is the Canon Pixma iP8500 all about exactly? Let’s find out.

The Masterpiece that is Canon Pixma iP8500

A couple of valuable features of Canon Pixma iP8500 include:

  • Color Precision of the Pixma iP8500
  • Full Features With Canon Double Sided Printing

1. Color Precision of The IP8500

Even professional photographers or graphic artists won’t have anything bad to say about prints produced from a Canon Pixma iP8500. The printer offers nothing but the most precise color captures, thanks to Canon’s proprietary ChromaPLUS ink system, which reproduces the real life version of your prints with excellent precision and rich colors. The ink system’s eight colors ensure that the colors on your photo are exactly the same colors you captured with your camera. Now, won’t photographers delight in that?

The printer is also part of Canon’s Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering or FINE technology, which gears the printer up with an amazing print head with 6, 144 nozzles, a huge feat even for an established company like Canon. The print head is designed to eject 2-picoliter ink droplets, which ensures that every inch of your photos are captured exactly the way they look in real life.

The printer also uses the Think Tank system, which places your eight inks in separate cartridges so you can save on your refills. And with that, you get a low-ink sensor to alert you to low ink levels for you to be prepared just in time to refill when you need to print.

2. Full Features Of The Canon 8500

The Canon Pixma iP8500 is also full of many great features. First on the list is a special dual paper path which helps you print on both sides of your paper fast. There’s no need to switch the paperNext is the direct connectivity ports like the PictBridge which enables direct printing even without a computer. You can connect your digital camera and even your DV camcorder, and start churning our pages of your favorite shots.

Then there’s the paper handling options, which is doubly empowering. With this printer, you can print from sizes 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, all the way to 8.5” x 11”. The beauty is that all these pictures will look like traditional photographs, and feel like them too. You can even print on the entire page to complete the look. These edge-to-edge photos are definitely a great product of several great Canon printers. And even with such precise color and excellent print quality, the print speed is quite fascinating. A 4” x 6” borderless photo will take less than 21 seconds.

And with an interface powered by USB Hi-Speed 2.0, data is transferred fast from your computer to the printer and then on to paper, which speeds up the printing time considerably.

Canon Pixma iP8500 Review: A Great Package

The Canon Pixma iP8500 ships with very useful software for photo editing to make your photos look even more vibrant. The Easy PhotoPrint 3.0 software is very easy to use and very helpful.

It can detect the face of your subject and automatically adjust the skin tone to match the optimum tone and make the photo look more realistic. It can also help you match the color of your subject to that of the background, and all these with just a few clicks. You can also use the software for easy retouching such as correcting red eye, smoothing facial lines, removing dust and scratch marks, and so on. Obviously, the whole Canon iP8500 package is everything you need.

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