Epson Stylus Printer - Pro 3800

by Bob Orlando- Businessman and Photo Hobbyist
(Hoboken, New Jersey )

Epson Stylus Printer - Pro 3800

Epson Stylus Printer - Pro 3800

Epson Stylus Printer - Pro 3800 review : I was trying to decide, which Epson Stylus printer model to buy and I came across a review about it in this site. To cut the story short, I decided to buy the one that this site recommended which is the Pro 3800.

You could say that I am both a businessman and a serious photo enthusiast at the same time. This Epson stylus printer came highly recommended to be used for business because its colored prints are clear crisp and superb. So I was convinced that this was the Epson stylus printer I was looking for. Besides my wife is also into scrap booking really seriously and since the prints are guaranteed to last very long, it all the more convinced me that this is it.

The first thing that attracted me to the Pro 3800 is its very appearance. If you are to flip the front panel, it will slide and extend forward to serve as output tray. The more extension you allow it, the more space you can provide for the large prints. Now if you are looking for the input tray, all you need to do is flip the top of the back panel and you will find the tray you are looking for. Since about half of the panel opens, the middle half will provide you access to the print heads as well as the paper paths.

It even has guides, so that the paper input will be the same each and every time you use it. This is most important if you are to use it for business. You will need to keep your quality consistent for your customers.

If you cannot seem to find where the ink cartridges are, refer to the printer controls and look for the navigation buttons and it will open the top and front section above the output tray. It will reveal how neatly the ink cartridges are all lined up in there safe and secure. Just a reminder, it does not open manually but only through the control panels.

This Epson stylus printer may not have a Firewire connection but it has a USB 2.0 connector and connection speed is really not an issue with this device. What is really good about its connectivity is that it has an Ethernet port so that it can be shared in a network.

Epson Stylus Printer – What I like Best about the Pro 3800 :

1. The best part about this Epson stylus printer, is its wonderfully vivid and almost true to life colors. This may be because of the new MicroPiezo print heads called the Active Meniscus Control (AMC) technology. It places the microscopic colored dots in a more precise manner than other printers.

2. This Pro 3800 has superb paper handling capabilities. It can handle papers as large as 17x22 inches. This is by far as large as it can handle. For most large printing purposes this is very much suitable.

3. It can accommodate even those papers that measure as much as 1.5mm thick.

4. It is an Epson stylus printer that uses 9 separate cartridges for 9 separate colors. You would only need to replace the one that has been used up and not every thing in your color set. Now that makes this printer good for the business.

Epson Stylus Printer – What I don’t Like about the Pro 3800 :

1. The Pro 3800 model does not have a Firewire connection

2. Admittedly, this Epson stylus printer cannot be considered as a fast printer. If the printer quality is set at 1,440dpi, it will take about more than 2 minutes to print a 6x10 print photo. Now if you are going to change your settings from matte to photo-black inks, your waiting time will be even longer. The 6x10 print took five minutes and eighteen seconds. Another run made use of the borderless at 13x19 print size with no required switching. It took us 10 minute and 9 seconds to finish a single print.

To sum it up, Epson Stylus Printer - Pro 3800 may not be the fastest printer in the market but it is one that excels in colored printing capability. So, if you are one of those enthusiasts like me who want an Epson stylus printer that is fit for a pro the Pro 3800 is the printer you are looking for. This Epson stylus printer is meant to print photos that will preserve memories. If you are to use this for business then buying the Pro 3800 will give you an edge against your competitors.

Here is what I tell my customers: "It may take longer to print, but your prints will last longer."

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