HP 4250 Printer
The Ultimate Workgroup Laserjet Printer

hp 4250 The HP LaserJet 4250 is designed with efficiency for your business in mind. It is one of the fastest LaserJet printers HP has come up with.

It not only prints fast; it also initiates printing just as fast. The quality of print is generally like that of other HP printers: nothing less than sharp and clear printing for you.

More than that, the printer is also enhanced for network sharing, which is one of its strongest points.

By far, this is one of the most-liked office printers that use excellent laser technology done the HP way. This is great for home use as well as for business use.

What the HP 4250 Has to Offer

Optimized for efficient printing in the office, the LaserJet 4250 is an offer under HP’s Business models.

It has some key elements such as

  • Printing speed up to 45 pages pr minute
  • Network connectability
  • Excellent paper handling
  • Easily operable

1. Fast Printing Speed Of The HP 4250

It can print with speeds reaching 45 ppm, with one black page printed within 8 seconds, even when the printer is shared by the entire workgroup.

2. Network Connectivity

In fact, it is optimized for network connectivity using the HP Jetdirect Fast Ethernet connection and even has two EIO slots. And with a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port, you can connect the printer fast and easy. It also has an available slot for Compact Flash memory.

3. Excellent Paper Handling

The printer is also known for its excellent paper handling. It is designed to print professionally on ordinary paper and specialty paper.

The base model of the 4250 can hold 500 sheets, but you can extend the printer’s input capacity using optional trays, and you can also print on both sides of the paper.

4. Easy Operable Control Panel

And since you might need to print on envelopes for those business letters, the printer can also support envelope printing. And for direct printing, the printer comes with a control panel from where the printer is easily operable with user-friendly buttons.

This is one printer that’s durable, reliable, and easy to use.

More Features from HP 4250

The best thing about this printer is that it can keep up with your needs. Whatever you need, you can trust that this dependable printer from HP can function the way you want it to.

And in office printing, efficiency is important. To make printing an even faster process, the 4250 from HP is equipped with an Instant-On Technology, which gears up the printing immediately at the click of your hand.

No more waiting time at all, so you can get right back to your tasks without wasting your valuable time. And since the printer can be shared within a wide network of users, each user can use it effortlessly and with no problems with the HP Jetadmin network manager.

All the features are geared towards making this printer an excellent office companion for you and your colleagues. Its performance is practically infallible, no matter how many users there are.

HP 4250 - The Experts and the Consumers Speak

Both consumers and experts agree that the HP LaserJet 4250 is functional and fully capable of meeting basic office and workgroup printing needs.

But when it comes to workgroup printing, some experts even venture to say that the HP LaserJet 4250 is the best workgroup printer HP has to offer. On the downside, however, some people don’t find the bulky physical appearance of the printer all that impressive.

But there is another point that all types of users agree on: the price. It seems that the HP 4250 is a bit expensive for what it can do for you.

All in all, the average rating that this printer gets is seven, based on basic document printing standards. Overall, this is one machine that you can depend on, especially given the HP reliability guarantee.

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