HP C8180
HP's Flagship Photo Printer

hp c8180 HP C8180, the new HP Photosmart All-in-One is a new flagship printer when it comes to ideal and top-grade photo printing.

This all-in-one full-powered machine is highly capable in making excellent photo prints as well as in making copies and scanning. HP seems to have outdone itself with this machine.

It definitely provides excellent and unparalleled value for money and is, without a doubt, a product that deserves to be checked out.

An Overview of What HP C8180 Can Do

Just look at the following :

  • HP c8180 print speed
  • Incredible quality prints
  • 9600 dpi scanner options

1. HP c8180 Print Speed

The C8180 from Hewlett Packard can print with a speed of up to 34 pages per minute for black printing and 33 pages per minute for color printing.

These speeds, especially the color printing speed, are fast enough in comparison to print speeds of other similar range printers. But the fast printing speed does not sacrifice the quality of prints.

2. Print Quality

Printing quality of the C8180 is one of the best, which is expected since HP highly prides itself for this creation. Also, the quality of copy printing is at par with that of basic printing, which means that it is quite good.

3. Scanning Capacity

As for the scanning function, the CIS scanner can scan documents and pictures with a resolution capacity of 9600 dpi and size of up to 8.5 x 11.7 inches. The scanner can also scan transparencies and negatives, and has a removable cover to allow you to scan books as well.

Connectivity includes Ethernet and wireless connection for network setups.

What Makes HP C8180 Special

1. C8180 Photosmart Technology

The HP C8180 from the Photosmart series supports Lightscribe printing technology, which differentiates its high-grade print quality from other lesser printing capabilities of other ordinary printers.

The Lightscribe technology also makes premium CD and DVD label printing possible. The printer can also automatically remove red eye from photos using just one button with the special HP Red Eye Remover, a feature that shows that this machine is indeed dedicated largely to lab-quality photo printing.

2. Rated Best Quality Photo Printer

Aside from that, the C8180 has been named as HP’s best quality photo printers because its print outputs are especially long-lasting, which sets this printer apart from other products. No matter how great the print quality of a printer is, sometimes, only time can tell whether the pictures are indeed of high-grade print.

The HP C8180 rises to that challenge, lengthening photo life considerably.

It also has the HP Scratch and Dust Remover, which enables you to not just preserve new photos but bring back old photos to life again. This specialist photo printer also seems to have a mind all its own.

It is packed with HP’s special Auto Sense technology, which detects whether the printer is about to print on the correct side of the paper.

3. Easily Operable

As if those features are not enough, it’s also very easy to print using the HP C8180. It comes with a 3.5” touch screen display on which users can preview and print photos even without connecting the product to a computer.

And if your photos are saved in memory cards, you can simply insert the cards directly into the printer’s memory card slots.

The card slots are varied; the printer can recognize CompactFlash, xD, SD, MMC, SDHC, MMCPlus, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, and Memory Stick Pro Duo. Talk about versatile connectivity for your utmost convenience.

The Consumer Report on the HP C8180

Consumers and professional reviewers are practically in awe of the capabilities and features of this product.

As an All-in-One, it is highly versatile and useful. As a Photosmart printer, it is high in quality and performance. It is also a package full of outstanding features only available from HP.

Some consumers reported of ink bleeding on certain types of paper and some bravely admitted that print speed is not the fastest possible, but aside from these, no other complaints are heard about this product. That is, aside from the price.

But if you have money to spend, and you particularly need a professional, premium printer, this is a definite must-have.

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