HP C7250
Versatile Power and Performance

hp c7250 The HP C7250 in the Photosmart series is one of the best photo printers in the market. For photo printing, the printer’s printing capabilities are very important.

And the excellent printing capabilities you need are already all here in one versatile machine that helps you save money, space, and time.

The HP C7250 is a gem among all HP products.

In a nutshell, it’s a professional photo printer with an impressive list of features and an excellent print output. But there’s more. It’s also a copier and a scanner, too.

What the HP C7250 Is All About

High Resolution DPI

The Hewlett Packard C7250 boasts of up to 1200x1200 rendered dpi for black printing and 4800x1200 optimized dpi for color printing.

The high print resolution is one of this machine’s strongest points, as it enables the printer to shoot out lab-quality prints. In terms of its physical specifications, it has an 800x600 16-bit monitor display.

Printing Sizes up to A4

It can handle print sizes of up to A4, and can handle irregular paper sizes such as A5 and Executive as well as card and photo sizes of up to A6 and Hagaki, which is about 100x148 mm.

Copier Capabilities With Enlargement Up to 400 %

As for the built-in copier, it can make high-resolution (4800x4800) copies enlargeable by up to 400%.

However, unlike other products that have a specific printing speed, this Photosmart printer prints and makes copies at speeds depending on the type of photo or document you are printing. Pictures and documents with more complex colors usually take longer to print.

Powerful Scanner As Well

Turning to the scanner, this machine provides a powerful scanning experience. It can scan up to a resolution of 4800x9600 dpi optical. It can also recognize 256 levels of gray, with a 48-bit color and 8-bit grayscale system.

It can scan up to a maximum size of 8.5 x 11.7 inches. There is no doubt that this machine is a versatile product that is both powerful and provides enhanced performance.

Special Offers from the HP C7250

The HP C7250 is packed with a variety of standard HP printer features that make it all the more impressive as an HP product.

The machine comes built in with memory card slots for various types of memory cards, ranging from Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMedia Card, XD-Picture Card, and CompactFlash. It is also easy to connect to.

It can be connected to your PC using a USB 2.0 port, or to a network using Ethernet connection, wireless connection, and even Bluetooth technology. It also has a PictBridge connector, so you can connect your digital cameras directly to the printer and print your saved images at once.

But although the machine is technically a printer first, and a scanner and copier second, the scanner by no means allows the printer in the machine to take all the attention. On its own, the scanner has some impressive features that most other all-in-ones and scanners don’t offer.

First, the machine already includes an image editor that lets you edit and enhance the images you scan.

Also, it has OCR software already integrated into the machine. With this software, you can convert the text that had been scanned into text that can be edited.

What’s more, this printer, despite its high-level capabilities, is Energy Star certified and consumes minimal amount of energy when operating.

What more can you ask for from a printer that’s both powerful and economical?

What Consumers Say about HP C7250

Consumers who find the need for a printer, a scanner, and a copier attest to the fact the C7250 is one of HP’s most useful machines.

The machine received rave reviews mostly from home offices and small businesses. It is only in these settings that the various capabilities of this versatile piece can be maximized.

Reviews show that the versatility of the product has certain limits. When bought by the right customer and used in the right setting, this product can go a long way. 

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