HP 5610 Printer
Designed To Meet Your Most Important Demands

hp_5610 HP 5610 has been optimally designed using powerful HP technology to meet the various demands of the small-scale home office to the large-scale corporate hub.

It is an inkjet printer that comes with a variety of features that make it a great office companion. It can print, scan, make copies, and send fax documents.

Based on performance, the printer is fully capable of meeting the most important and basic of demands. It is also one of the most affordable printers within its range of features and capabilities.

The Basics on the HP 5610

The HP 5610 printer produces remarkable prints, both in black and colored.

Six-Ink Color System

It works with HP’s special 6-ink Photoret IV precision technology printing system to make sure that the colors of images and documents are fully and accurately captured.

The ink can recognize up to millions of colors. This means that it can produce excellent prints of both documents and images as well, though it is not optimized for photo printing because it mostly focuses on other functionalities.

Built-In Copier

One of the other functions that the 5610 excels at is making copies. This high-powered printer can print and make copies with its built-in copier with speeds of up to 20 pages per minute in black printing and 13 pages per minute in color printing.

Although not the fastest printer and copier around, this multi-function printer performs well and fast enough for functional daily printing of office documents.

Scanning Facility

Yet another function, scanning, is another one of 5610’s great offers. The 5610’s scanner comes with an automatic document feeder that can handle 25 pages on its own.

Built-In Fax Machine

As for the built-in fax machine, it can handle both colored and B&W faxing. The speed is at 33.6 Kbps, which translates to around 3 seconds per page, and the machine even comes with a junk fax barrier for your protection and security.

And for added convenience, the machine can store up to 100 pages of fax memory and even has speed dialing. The machine definitely has office productivity and security in mind.

Features that the HP 5610 Boasts Of

HP specializes in providing not only hardware solutions to consumers but software as well. One of the best features of HP products is that they can be used with highly productive HP software.

HP Image Zone Software

The HP 5610 specifically works with the HP Image Zone software, an entire program that allows users to edit and organize photos and images prior to printing.

It consists of the HP Document Viewer, the HP Instant Share, the HP Quick Print, the HP Photo Package, and the HP Solution Centre.

Special Purpose Programs

There are two other special purposes programs included in the software.

The first is HP Index Print, which allows users to produce index prints easily.

The second is the HP Photo Projects, which assists in the production of albums, brochures, calendars, flyers, greeting cards, invitations, and the likes, all of which might be necessary at one point or another for corporate promotional purposes.

Surely, the HP software feature will come in handy at the office.

What Consumers Like and Don’t Like About the HP 5610

One of the much praised things about the Officejet 5610 from HP is its sleek flatbed design, which looks great and impressive on any office table. The small-sized but full-featured machine is a great addition to the workspace.

You’ll barely feel its presence, thus saving a lot of valuable office space. Another thing that you will save when you buy the 5610 is money. The multi-function printer is quite affordable.

However, one disadvantage is that the ink it uses is a bit expensive.

Other limitations include limited connectivity, as it doesn’t have usual features found in other multi-function models such as PictBridge connection and memory card slots.

Most reviewers give this product a mid-range rating. It is a functional product great for basic office printing, but it is certainly not the best product of its line.

But the low price is a perk that most consumers are not able to resist, and that’s how the HP 5610 wins consumers over.

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