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A Kodak All in One Printer is the ideal choice for home users and startup businesses because it is very economical to use. The reason is that Kodak has set itself apart from other printer brands by offering a significant reduction in ink costs. Kodak offers all in one printers packed with all the multifunction features you expect from any other all in one printer, but it topples the competition by offering inexpensive but genuine, high-quality ink that is also economically used by the printers.

With a focus on this specific benefit, the Kodak website even helps you calculate your ink savings to give you a better picture of just how much a Kodak all in one printer can help you save. Once you’re convinced, it’s time to choose which printer is right for you.

Which Kodak All in One Printer Suits You?

Different models of Kodak All in One printers include:

  • Kodak ESP 9 AIO All in One Printer
  • Kodak ESP 7 AIO Printer
  • Kodak ESP 5 AIO Printer
  • Kodak ESP 3 AIO Printers

1. Kodak ESP 9 AIO All in One Printer

Looking like impressive, no-nonsense printing machines at reduced sizes, the printers in the Kodak ESP 9 series are your very own lab-quality photo printers at home or at the office, and their top-quality, cost-efficient photo and document printing come packaged with a copier, scanner, and a fax machine. The ESP 9 can cut your printing costs by 50% compared to when you use other inkjet printers.

Aside from a flawless print function and a remarkable print quality, the Kodak EasyShare 9 printers also offer all the important conveniences that can help you make the most use of your investment. There’s the built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for flexible networking and the memory card slots for PC-less printing. For unattended printing, copying, and scanning, it also packs in an automatic document feeder and duplexer. And all the features are just at the tip of your fingers, thanks to the one-touch 10-inch control panel.

kodak all in one printers2. Kodak ESP 7 AIO Printer

If you want the classic Kodak package but can’t afford the pricier Kodak ESP 9, then you can check out the printers in the ESP 7 series. Cutting back on some features, the Kodak ESP 7 offers more basic all-in-one printer packages. The LCD display is noticeably smaller at 3 inches, but you still get one-touch functionality, memory card and USB slots, and wireless connectivity. As for the print quality, you still get the same 32 ppm and 30 ppm black and color print speeds as well as 4x6 inch borderless printing.

And to support the print functions, the Kodak ESP 7 printers come with an intelligent paper tray system that automatically recognizes paper sizes and even the amount of paper in the tray. Topped by a CIS scanner and a built-in duplexer, the ESP 7 has what you need for home printing, scanning, and copying at low costs.

3. Kodak ESP 5 AIO Printer

The Kodak ESP 5 series includes various models such as the 5250 and the 5300 AIO printers, which are perfectly sleek and compact printers that look like expensive high-end packages, which they are not. With an under $200 price tag, the printers in the Kodak ESP 5 series can print out documents at top quality and also tackle your 4x6 inches borderless photos with no problem at all using the special Kodacolor Technology.

The compact appearance of the printers make them the perfect desk printing companion for the home office, and its low cost won’t make much of a price hike in your electricity bill. With the ESP 5 printers at home, you can print, scan, and make copies whenever you need, and wherever you need as well if you have Wi-Fi, thanks to the 5250 model’s built-in WiFi connectivity. To top it all off, the ESP 5 printers are even Energy Star qualified, so it is indeed the right home printer you’re looking for.

4. Kodak ESP 3 AIO Printers

With some models under $100, the Kodak ESP 3 all in one printer series offers some of Kodak’s most affordable and convenient AIO printers that offers lab-quality photo printing and crisp document printing at home and in the office. The ESP 3 printers are fully equipped with EasyShare features to allow you easy access to your documents and photos saved in memory cards and USB disks even without connecting to a PC. You can even crop photos using the 3-inch color LCD display.

One of the popular options under the ESP 3 series is the ESP 3 Laser Photo Printer, which offers one touch print functions that churn out high-quality, waterproof, and long-lasting Kodak photos within seconds. The laser printer is supported by the IMAGELINK Print System and can be used without a computer for PictBridge camera-to-printer printing.

The Kodacolor Technology in Kodak Multifunction All in One Printer

Kodak’s all in one printers primarily stand out thanks to the special Kodacolor Technology. This technology employs the use of high-quality but economical inks for lab-quality photo prints and document printing that exceeds expectations. The ink system is a Kodacolor 2-cartridge system that employs 6 pigmented, instant-dry inks that can capture the colors of your photos accurately. The high-quality and cost-effective ink system is combined with a speedy print performance that churns out 4x6 inches borderless photos in 28 seconds, printing at a rate of 32 ppm black and 30 ppm color.

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