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A Laser Printer Copier is not just an ordinary piece of equipment; it is many things at once. Being a laser-based equipment, it is known to work fast and in great volumes, all the while keeping costs low. Being a printer, it should be able to meet varying print jobs and should either be monochrome or both monochrome and color. And being a copier, it should be capable of making fast and accurate copies of documents, sometimes monochrome, sometimes also in full color.

So if you are looking for a laser printer copier, the choice will not be easy. There are also other important factors, such as operation and maintenance cost relating to the toner cartridge of the equipments, that you need to take into consideration.

Your best course of action is to ask for advice from reviews that provide insight on the best equipments out there.

Which Laser Copier Printer Is Ready for the Challenge?

The brands include:

  • Canon imageCLASS Laser Printer and Copier with Fax
  • Brother Laser Small Business Centers
  • Lexmark Laser MFPs

1. Canon imageCLASS Laser Printer Copier with Fax

Canon may be more popular in the photo printing industry, but the brand offers a more diverse product collection than it is known for. Part of its offers is an entire class of printers dedicated to laser printing, and this is the imageCLASS laser printer series. Under the series, there are some good laser printer and copier machines, some of which also include fax functions. All these machines can be expected to work with top laser sharp quality. Several models are also equipped with USB and parallel interfaces for easy connectivity. Canon’s imageCLASS models are practically maintenance-free, making them a great choice for small businesses.

One of the laser printer copier models under the series is the imageCLASS D880, a printer, copier, and fax in one. The printer, geared with Canon’s Advanced Printing Technology or CAPT, performs at a speed of 16 ppm and can achieve up to 2,400 dpi resolution, and the copier, which is equipped with a platen glass, at 18 cpm. The 33.6 Kbps fax uses a high-speed Super G3 modem.

laser printer copier2. Brother Laser Small Business Centers

Laser printing for the office? There is one expert you can trust when it comes to that. Although it has a full range of inkjet color printers for high quality graphics printing, Brother focuses its thrust to the demands of the corporate world, offering several laser MFCs with printing and copying functions under its Small Business Centers. Its entire line of laser printer and copiers often also come with fax and scanner, but some models, such as the MFC-7220, also comes with a PC fax function.

Brother offers superior printing and reliable copying plus more. Laser prints can reach up to 1200x600 dpi resolution and a speed of 20 ppm. It has a 16 MB memory so it can print complex and long office documents. The scanner can scan and convert file to soft copy using OCR, and the fax has a 14.4 Kbps speed with 500-page fax memory and 210 speed dials. With a built-in telephone handset, USB and parallel ports, and an auto document feeder, this machine is built with your convenience in mind.

3. Lexmark Laser MFPs

Lexmark is yet another brand in close competition when it comes to laser printer copiers. Lexmark offers an entire line of laser MFPs, which offers high-performance monochrome and color printing that’s friendly to your budget. If you need a color laser printer copier, you should check out the Lexmark ones because they are affordable and can reach up to 31 ppm speeds, are mostly networkable, and combines superior-quality printing, copying, intuitive scanning, and high-speed faxing.

One of the top printers under this collection is the Lexmark X500N, which comes in a compact body that’ll fit right into any office. It has a special auto-IP discovery for simple configuration and setup, and maintenance is just as effortless. Overall, this is a good printer series to trust your business’ important documents with.

Laser Printer Copier: Pros and Cons

Laser printer copiers are known as high useful multi-tasking equipments. They are affordable, economical, easy to use and to maintain, and can handle demanding print jobs. They also come with easy connectivity options plus excellent fax and scanning as additional features. Laser printing also ensures top speeds but meticulous quality.

But make sure you know the limitations of using a laser printer copier. Laser printers require more expensive maintenance because toner cartridges cost more than ink cartridges. However, they do last longer. Also, most laser printer copiers are mainly monochrome. If you plan on printing colored documents, make sure to look for a color laser printer copier.

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