Lexmark X75
A Multi-Function Printer Built for the Home

lexmark x75 Lexmark X75 can help you out for all your printing needs.

This product is another hybrid product that consists of a printer, a scanner, a fax machine, and a copier, all equipped with powerful features to make printing an effortless, hassle-free experience.

This is highly recommended for home use, but can also be used in an office. There are a lot of old generation all-in-ones, which are large and boxy and are specifically designed for an office.

But the Lexmark X75 is designed for home settings due to its small and neat look.

What the Lexmark X75 Offers

What the Lexmark x75 can do :

  • Black and color printing, wide array of documents
  • All home use printing options
  • 2400 x 1200 resolution
  • Fine printing speed
  • Scanning options

1. Black and Color Printing

Although not built for high-volume printing, this printer is completely able to print a wide array of documents, both black and colored, to meet your printing needs at home.

2. X75 A Perfect Home Use Printer

Printers used at home usually need to be very versatile, since home users don’t have a specific type of document that they usually print.

As a home user, you can print anything from term papers, invitations, and many other documents. That’s why versatility and quality matters a lot, and additional features are usually just considered bonuses.

3. Excellent Resolution

As for quality, the printer can be trusted, especially with its PrinTrio inkjet technology from Lexmark. Using this unique technology, the printer can print up to 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution in both monochrome and colored printing.

Text prints from this printer is very clear and sharp that even small fonts are easily readable. Color printing provides the same quality as well, with colors almost precisely captured.

4. Printing Speed

It prints with an acceptable speed level, and can print on many types of paper.

Aside from that, the scanner and the copier also provide dependable performance, though the quality of copies made using the printer falls a bit below the printing quality in terms of sharpness and clarity, but this can be remedied by adjusting some copy settings.

5. X75 Flatbed Scanner

Its flatbed scanner further adds to the printer’s appeal, both externally and internally as well, since it can also impressively scan documents and images up to a resolution of 600 x 1200. The lid can also be removed, so the scanner can accommodate even books and other thick materials.

The PrinTrio technology can also be used for enhanced scans, and can help you scan pictures and documents then automatically load them up to be sent through e-mail.

The scanner and copier also come with a reducer and an enlarger for document resizing.

More Features from the Lexmark X75

What makes the Lexmark X75 special, however, are the programs that you can use it with. The printer is shipped along with powerful software that helps you organize your prints and make the most out of your printer. The provided software includes OCR software that allows scanned to editable text conversions. This will help you jump over boundaries using your Lexmark X75 scanner.

It also includes a photo editing software that can help you organize and edit your photos before printing.

Aside from doing some minor modifications to your picture in terms of color, you can also crop, resize, and enhance prints especially with the red eye removal tool that comes with the software.

The fax machine also has its own fax software, the BVRP FaxTools, to help you maximize your use of the fax machine. The software includes a message center mailbox that can help you create, edit, and organize your fax messages easily.

What Consumers Think about the Lexmark X75

The Lexmark X75 gets mixed reviews.

Some consumers are very satisfied with its small, compact size, and its variety of features and capabilities that allow versatile printing at home. But for users who are very particular about the print quality and sharpness of prints, one common comment is that the printer can still be improved.

But given its very affordable price, the X75 from Lexmark does have its targeted customer base which it satisfies. If you need a multi-function printer for home use, you can rely on this product.

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