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lexmark x5470 The Lexmark X5470 is a robust printer that promises a lot of potential uses for the home office and the business office user.

Combining an assortment of capabilities and features into an impressive package, the Lexmark X5470 undoubtedly meets the latest demands of the times.

As a full-color all-in-one printer designed for photo printing as well as for network connections, this is obviously more than just your ordinary printer.

But you won’t be able to tell with the price, which is actually a good thing.

Basic Capabilities of the Lexmark X5470

The Lexmark X5470 is a very vigorous, energetic printer.

Check out :

  • The 25 page pr minute X5470 print speed
  • Affortable price
  • Extremely user friendly control panel

1. Printing Speed and Ink System

Churning out up to 25 black prints per minute and 18 colored prints per minute, this printer is ideal to be used at the office because of its efficiency.

It makes use of a two-ink system, a black cartridge and another for cyan, magenta, and yellow. But you have the option to extend this into a six-color printing system by replacing the black cartridge with a three-color cartridge. Even if print quality isn’t one of its best points, this printer surprisingly offers a lot of features at a really low price. This product is best for use at home.

Office users, however, can also connect the printer to a network through a server, which needs to be set up, so it may not be the most convenient option to buy for the office.

2. Affordable Price

Despite this, home users will definitely find this printer a great choice, especially given its price tag.

3. User-friendly Control Panel

The printer is also very easy to use, with a user-friendly control panel with a backlit LCD panel and four main buttons, one each for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

The Feature-Filled Lexmark X5470

This Lexmark X5470 is highly economical, helping you save on electricity costs when you need to print photos.

Additional features are :

  • Direct printing
  • Lexmark X5470 copy and scanner
  • Imaging studio program
  • Modern fax machine options

1. Direct Printing

You can print directly through the printer, even without a computer, through the printer’s PictBridge connector and memory card slots. The printer also comes with a scanner, copier, and fax machine.

2. The X5470 Copy And Scanner

Its copier has a standalone function, meaning that you can make copies even without your computer turned on. To make copying even easier, you can make copies with just a touch of a button.

The scanner is also a great component, especially with the special Scan to PDF feature and A4 size paper support. To further extend the use of its scanner, the product comes with an ADF, so you can also scan legal-sized documents.

3. Imaging Studio Program

Lexmark also includes an Imaging Studio program along with every package of the Lexmark X5470 to help you do more with your scanned documents and images.

You can adjust the color depth and resolution of your scans, as well as crop images and documents and convert scanned text to editable text.

4. Fax Machine

Aside from that, the fax machine comes with a caller ID feature. You can also store 89 numbers on speed dial and send group fax at once for your utmost convenience.

The Consumers’ Verdict on the Lexmark X5470

A lot of consumers like this product because it has everything important especially for the avid all-in-one fan, but sticks to a certain price range that makes it a plausible choice for almost anyone looking for a printer.

With the capabilities and quality of other recognized all-in-one printers, but with a price you can afford, this printer gives anybody access to a multi-function machine even without shelling out a lot.

Best of all, at its price, the features included also complete quite a list.

Though not the best rated all-in-one printer, the Lexmark X5470 banks mostly on its wide range of features in exchange for its great price.

But its quality and look garners only mediocre ratings due to its mid-level print quality and boxy, bulky body.

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