Lexmark X8350
One Printer, Many Great Features

lexmark x8350 Lexmark X8350 is a printer that’s completely packed with all the great features that matters.

Boasting of various features and a robust functionality, this printer is one of Lexmark’s most popular units.

The All-in-One X8350 from Lexmark comes with copying, scanning, and faxing functions, on top of its excellent printing capabilities.

This model did not become the popular model that it is for nothing. It has many features, most of which are more than just decorative features.

What sets this printer apart is that all its features are features that consumers would love to have and would find many benefits from. Because of this, this model has become quite popular.

What Lexmark X8350 Is All About

The Lexmark X8350 printer is a very able printer.

  • Fast Printing Speed
  • Lexmark All in One

1. Printing Speed

It can print fast at speeds of up to 19 ppm for colored printing and up to 25 pages per minutes for black. But even at this speed, it can still churn out excellent, meticulously sharp prints of up to 4800 dpi on special photo paper, whether you printed text documents or graphics.

But this product is more than just a printer. It is also a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine.

2. Scanner Copier Fax

The scanner and copier have the capacity to enlarge and reduce documents and pictures. This means that when you scan a document, you can choose to resize it then make copies of it, or print it, or even send it directly through e-mail. You can also make enlarged or reduced copies of a document or photo.

Turning to yet another function, the fax machine, you can also trust this machine to give its best when it comes to faxing. The fax function is able to store up to 89 numbers on speed dial. The numbers can also be grouped together into groups of three, so you can send instant group fax messages. The built-in fax machine also has caller ID as well as distinctive ringing.

And aside from the standard auto-redial feature, this product even has a busy redial, a call waiting capability, an automatic answer button, as well as junk fax blocker.

And to give justice to the description of being full-featured, the product also has fax forwarding, BVRP Host Fax Solution, fax footer, and a memory that can hold up to 160 pages, which is quite an impressive number.

All these show that this printer is indeed a masterpiece from Lexmark.

Lexmark X8350 Review : Fully Packed with Features

Using the product doesn’t always require connection to a computer, which helps do away with the lengthy process of turning on the computer and waiting for it to load. The printer itself comes with a small colored LCD screen wherein you can view your photos before printing them.

You can simply connect your digital camera or memory card directly to the printer. It has support for practically all types of memory cards, and also has a USB and PictBridge port.

This printer also comes with a small addition that it not usually present in other products. It has a countdown timer that automatically clocks the progress of your prints, so you can see how fast it took your documents or photos to be printed.

Finally, as another value-added feature to make this printer even better, the X8350 from Lexmark also comes with Lexmark’s own Photo Editor, which is software that helps you organize, share, and edit your photos before you print them to ensure that you get enhanced photos.

The photo editor allows resizing, cropping, as well as removing red eye from photos. But photos are not the only things you can edit. The printer also comes with productivity software that allows OCR scans. OCR scans means that you can convert text that you scanned into text that you can edit.

The software also doubles as document converters, which can help you easily convert your documents to PDF files. Finally, even the printer’s paper handling has a feature all its own. Its Accu-Feed paper handling helps feed paper correctly to avoid paper jams. Obviously, all these features have been added only with your convenience in mind.

The Award-Winning Lexmark X8350

Consumers don’t have much to say about the Lexmark X8350 since they are all quite satisfied.

Even the experts are impressed, which we can see based on the printer’s Best Buys for Business Editor’s Choice Award in 2006. Evidently, this printer is a remarkable product, and there is no reason for you not to check it out.

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