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A Printer Paper, its texture and quality, can have a great effect on the overall quality of printing and the durability of the documents and photos you print. When it comes to printing, it is not enough to just choose the best printer in the market. You also have to choose the best printer paper that also fits your printer. This is why several printer manufacturers also offer paper that they advise users to use with their printers for best printing results.

There are many different types of paper used in various purposes and settings; some are used for document printing and simple graphics, while some are used for printing photos.

If you have just bought a printer or already have one but you’re not satisfied with the output, check whether you are using a good-quality printer that’s compatible with your printer.

Best Printer Paper Choices

Best printer papers include:

  • HP Multipurpose Copy and Print Paper
  • Canon Glossy Photo Paper
  • Epson Premium Bright White Inkjet Paper
  • Xerox Business Laser Printer and Copy Paper

1. HP Multipurpose Copy and Print Paper

HP has a long line of copy and print paper that can be used for various printing and copying purposes. It can print up to 8.5x11 paper size to achieve big letter size prints. The HP flexible paper can be used for copying or printing, and laser or inkjet printing.

With a brightness of 96, this printer paper looks crisp and clean, so your prints will stark out wonderfully. The paper is packed by 500 sheets and can be bought for anywhere from $7 to $17. The paper is also acid-free, so all documents are designed to last a long time when archived. On top of that, it uses the ColorLok technology that helps it resist smears and accurately capture the specific colors required by your prints.

2. Canon Glossy Photo Paper

printer paperSince Canon is most famous on the printer industry’s photo-focused products, Canon offers several types of photo paper with different surfaces to help meet your requirements and your preferences when it comes to printer papers.

One of the best printer paper offers from Canon is the glossy photo paper. The printer offers 100 sheets in every pack and comes with a perfect 5-star rating on Amazon. Though originally priced at $15, the glossy photo printer can also be availed of at only $10 on Amazon.

The Canon glossy photo paper deserves to be seen and is easily compatible with several printer types and models.

3. Epson Premium Bright White Inkjet Paper

For basic inkjet printing, you can check out the Epson Premium bright white inkjet paper. The photo paper comes with a 108 ISO brightness and can print up to letter sizes. Rated with 3.9 stars, the Epson Premium Bright White Inkjet paper will also delight consumers with its affordable price tag. It even accommodates several other features that make it live up to its name of Epson premium.

4. Xerox Business Laser Printer and Copy Paper

Another excellent photo printer paper choice is the Xerox Business 4200, which stands as the perfect print medium that can be used for inkjet or laser printing as well as printing and copying. The paper has a 92 brightness level and reaches up to 20 lbs. It has a maximum size of 8.5 x 11 and works well with various printers’ double-sided imaging. You can avail of the Xerox Business Laser printer paper’s excellent capture of photos.

Xerox proudly offers the Xerox Business 4200, which can protect you from jams 99.9% of the time. The paper can be used for basic everyday printing, as well as high-quality printing.

Choosing the Best Printer Paper for You

Choosing the best paper to use for your printing purposes should be a careful decision, which is why there are several factors that you must pay close attention to. Most papers used with inkjet printers evaluate using brightness or the ability to capture attention, and absorption to keep text and images from smudging and to keep you healthy. Some top paper choices even add a waxy coating for the paper to make sure prints last a long time.

When buying paper for your printer, you should have two options. First, you can buy genuine or branded paper that go specifically with your printer. For example, if you have an HP printer, you can also avail of printer paper from HP. This course of action is better than simply buying a printer paper from unknown providers to avoid compatibility features. These types of paper may be effective and useful, but it will not help you make the most out of your printer and print output.

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