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Wireless All in One Printers are not just home and office equipments; they are a part of your team, offering you that extra edge and empowering you by putting all the solutions to your important office tasks just within reach with its wireless, print-anywhere feature. So even if you move from one room to another, you can use your printer with ease, and so can the rest of your team.

This wireless connectivity allows you to make the most out of your all in one printer since you can use it from just about any room in your office or house, and large teams can share the printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine so that work flows smoothly in all departments of your business.

If you need an all in one printer for a network, don’t settle for an Ethernet-based printer. After all, there are countless wireless all in one printers in the market, some of which are priced rather reasonably, so there is no reason to settle for anything as restrictive and troublesome as Ethernet-based printers.

Which Wireless All in One Printers Can Empower You and Your Business?

Wireless all in one printers to empower your business are:

  • Epson Wireless AIO Printers
  • Canon Pixma Wireless AIO Printers
  • HP OfficeJet Wireless AIO Printers

1. Epson Wireless AIO Printers

Epson AIO printers cater to varying printing needs. There are two Epson printer series you can choose from when it comes to wireless AIO printers. If you are looking for the ultimate photo and document printer for your entire work force, you should check out the Epson WorkForce series, particularly the WorkForce 600. This series provides built-in wireless connectivity options, so different users positioned in different rooms can enjoy the benefits of a single printer.  

Even when being shared by countless members of your work force, the WorkForce from Epson can produce documents at draft speeds of up to 38 ppm for both black and color, doubling the speed of laser printing. With these fast speeds, the risks of paper jams will be prevented. On top of that, you also get a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine, all of which can be set up for the entire network to use without the need for troublesome wires.

But if you need a wireless AIO photo printer, check out the Epson Artisan series, which offers wireless printers targeted to artisans and art and photo enthusiasts. Offering breakneck speeds of up to 38 ppm, with the first picture out in a speed of 38 ppm, you and your fellow artisans can print high-quality output from text, graphics, and photos without meeting any problems such as paper jams and ink head clogging. It is able to achieve professional-quality prints of documents, graphics, and actual photos even when unattended, thanks to its automatic document feeder.

2. Canon Pixma Wireless AIO Printers

wireless all in one printersCanon’s Pixma series is one of the most popular, top-quality printer series when it comes to AIOs.  The printers in this series include print, scan, and copy features for all-around functionality, and several of the models offer wireless connectivity for multiple-user function in home networks or office settings.

The MP620 is considered as Canon’s inexpensive and basic wireless offer in case you are looking for a Wi-Fi capable photo printer of excellent quality paired with a good price. 

The Canon MP620 also sports some unique features, such as the Auto Photo Fix, a Quick Start operation, and the Auto Scan for smart scanning of your documents.

3. HP OfficeJet Wireless AIO Printers

The HP OfficeJet series is one of the most highly respected printer series in the industry, and HP sure takes pride in that. The OfficeJet series consists of printers powered by inkjet technology and optimized with the right mix of features and capabilities specifically for use in office settings. These printers are equipped with the full thoroughfare: printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine. The series also has both wired and wireless offerings, but one of its wireless masterpieces under the OfficeJet line is the 6500.

The wireless models are infinitely more useful because you can send your documents to the printer regardless of which room you are in. The HP OfficeJet series offers excellent printing performance with good print speeds to make sure all print jobs from the entire wireless network are easily accommodated.

The Best Wireless All in One Printers: The Criteria

Wireless all in one printers tend to offer the same standard set of features, but only some successfully meets the criteria. Creating a checklist of what you need or want from your printer will help you recognize the ideal printer you have in mind when you see it.

However, getting wireless all in one printers is not just about upgrading to a wireless model. When it comes to wireless all in one printers, you also need fast print speeds because if the different print jobs from various consumers, clogging will occur. So make sure you choose your robust and energetic wireless AIO better.

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